Pedigree 24

Pedigree of Participant A24

  James Anglin
    born about 1720 in Ireland; died April 17, 1778, in Wilkes County, Georgia.
  William Anglin
    born 1758 in Georgia; died in Chambers County, Alabama.
  C. John Anglin
    born about 1792 in Georgia.
  Hiram Jackson Anglin
    born April 1836 in Randolph County, Alabama; a veteran of the Confederate Army, he married Tilda Frances Bennett; died April 27, 1909.
  William Cager Anglin
    born August 27, 1866 in Walnut Hill, Heard County, Georgia; married Bethany Aubrey Hester; died October 12, 1937, in Randolph County, Alabama.

Participant A24 is a grandson of William Cager Anglin.


Hiram Jackson Anglin and Tilda Bennett Anglin                                William Cager Anglin and Bethany Hester Anglin           

A24 and his wife