Henry Anglin's Revolutionary War Pension Application, p. 2

Henry Anglin's Pension Application

The Declaration of Henry Anglin in order to obtain
the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832

State of Georgia           §
County of Jackson       §

On this 2d day of October personally appeared
in open Court before the inferior Court of Said County
being the Court of record
now sitting Henry Anglin a resident of the Court of Jacks-
son & State of Georgia aged Seventy one years of age on
the _____ day of May last who being first duly sworn according to
law doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order
to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed 7 Jun 1832
That he entered the Service of the United States under the following
Officers & served as herein stated – Viz He commenced the Service under
Col John Steward & Col Elijah Clark, & Capt Henry Duke in Georgia
at the age of about fifteen or sixteen years, the day, month &
year not recollected precisely. Continued in the service commonly
called the minute service under the Command of one or other above named
officers for about Eighteen months – this was in Wilkes Co. Georgia – Afterward
he volunteered under the Command of Major Burwell Smith, who was
under the Command of Col John Dooly in a three months term on the
frontiers of Georgia against the Indians – After the expiration of the
three months tour, he still remained under Col Dooly’s Command &
in Capt Collins’ Company & surprised the Tories under the Command
of one Col Tait as he called himself, on the head of Ogeechee River
in (then) Wilkes County, Geo, that Company of tories was then on their
ways to Augusta to join the British. After this, he was taken Pris-
oner by the Tories above Augusta in the edge of Wilkes County, he
was treated and abused badly by them & afterwards delivered over by
them to the Indians who were upon the point of Scalping him when
he was rescued from them by one of the Tories, & again taken by
the body of Tories who had first delivered him to the Indians, who were
determined to hang him & had in fact made the necessary prepa – 
ration to do so by tying a rope round his neck, placing him on
a horse & then fastening the other end of the rope to the top of a
stout sapling – at this critical moment a British officer was brought
up at his request, who apparently in great rage with the Tories
ordered him to be released from the sapling, & had him handcuffed
& placed under guard for the night. However the Same British officer
ordered him & other Whig prisoners to be hung on the next day at
Ten O’clock, when the hour of execution arrived we were allowed
to take the oath of allegiance to Great Britain & were Paroled,
& made his escape – Sometime after his escape, believing that
the oath he had taken was only “from the teeth out” he joined the American
forces under General James Jackson, & attached the Company of Captain

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Buckner Harris & regiment of Col Williamson, under whom he
had served awhile as Captain in the minute service – He was at
the taking of Augusta by the Americans under Genl Jackson – 
it was done by raising a mountain battery & firing from it with
Cannon into the fort occupied by the British – After the taking
of Augusta he went home to Wilkes County & there remained until
a volunteer Company was raised by Capt Jonathan Jones to march
to the aid of Genl Wayne who was besieging Savannah – under whose
Command he remained about four Months until the taking of Sav – 
annah – After the taking of Savannah he returned to Wilkes
County & comnmenced again the border war with the Indians by
serving a tour of ten days at a time & finding our own Pro – 
visions – He contined in service under against the Indians
until some time after the Conclusion of the Revolution – he
thinks he Served about Three years during the Revolution but cannot
state the precise quantity of time as he was quite young when he
Commenced the service – He was never drafted during the war as
he always felt above it, but always served as a Volunteer
and never was in any regular battle except the Sieges of Augusta &
Savannah – but was in a multitude of skirmishes with the
Tories & Indians – [??] many tories & Indians hung
In the same way that he was about to be
hanged by them above described – He knew Generals Jackson
& Wayne, & they were all the General officers he was acquaint
ted with – General Jackson was a very Small man – General
Wayne was [Low?] but somewhat Corpulent – He has no documen – 
tary evidence except those attached hereto, & knows no person
whose testimony he could procure which would prove anything
more that the papers hereto annexed – 
        In addition to the above he answers as follows to the
questions propounded by the Department – 
1st    I was born in Orange County North Carolina near Hills – 
        boro – in the year 1761 – 
2d – I have no record of my age – 
3 –  I was living in Wilkes Co. Georgia when called into service – 
        I have lived in Jackson Co. Ga. Since the Revolutionary war
        & live there yet – 
4 – I was always a Volunteer – 
5 – Genl James Jackson, & Genl Wayne – recollect no
      other regiments than those under Jackson & Wayne – &
      the general circumstances of his service has been al – 
      ready stated briefly – 
6   I never received any other discharge than the one attached
      hereto signed by Danl Conner – 
7 – Russel Jones – James Pitman, Col John Hampton, John
      G. Pitman, John King, Sterling Mayo, & many others – 

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He has no claim to a pension or annuity except the present & his
name is not on the agency of any State in the Union – 

Sworn to & subscribed the day & year Henry Anglin
aforesaid – 

         We John W. Glenn a clergyman residing in Jackson County
Georgia & Edward Pharr residing in the Same Place hereby
certify that we are well acquainted with Henry Anglin
who has subscribed & sworn to the above declaration; the [sic] we believe
him to be 71 years of age; that he is reputed & believed, in the
neighborhood where he resides, to have been a soldier of the
revolution & that we concur in that opinion.
Sworn to & subscribed                           J.W.Glenn
The day & year aforesaid                       Edwd Pharr

And the said Court do hereby declare their opinion
after the investigation of the matter, & after putting the in – 
terrogatories Prescribed by the War Department, that the
above named applicant Henry Anglin, was a revolutionary
Soldier, & served as he states. And it further appears to them
that John W. Glenn who has signed the preceding certificate
is a clergyman resident in the County of Jackson Georgia
and that Edwd Pharr who has also signed the same
is also a resident of the same place & is a credible person
& that their statement is entitled to credit.
                                                       Augs J. Brown, JIC
                                                       Robt Smithwick, J.I.C.
                                                       Joseph Hampton, J. I. C.
                                                       J. W. Glenn J.I.C.

I Sylvanus Ripley Clerk of the Inferior Court of
Jackson County, Georgia, do hereby certify that the fore – 
going containing the original Proceedings of said Court in
the matter of the application of Henry Anglin for a
             In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set
My hand & Seal fo office this             day of
I Sylvanus Ripley Clerk of the Inferior Court of Jackson
County Georgia do hereby certify that the foregoing
contains the original proceedings of Said Court in the
matter of the application of Henry Anglin for a pension
In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
private Seal (having no Seal of office) this 2nd day of October
1832                                                    Sylvanus Ripley [Seal]