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DOLE in Hawaii (Genealogical Query by JRD)

DOLE (Genealogical Query by JRD).

Summary/Outline/Excerpt/Description: DOLE 1808 ME 1841 HI 1878.


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From the Missionary Album, 1969, Hawaiian Mission Children's Society:

Daniel DOLE b.1808 Bloomfield (now Skowhegan), ME, d.1878 Kapaa, Kauai
m1.1840 Emily Hoyt BALLARD b.1807 Hallowell, ME, d.1844 Honolulu, HI
m2.1846 Charlotte (CLOSE) KNAPP b.1813 Greenwich, CT, d.1874 Honolulu, HI
  George Hathaway  1842-1912, m. Clara Maria ROWELL (*?)
  Sanford Ballard  1844-1926, m. Anna Prentice CATE
       (president of Republic and first governor of Territory of Hawaii)

(*) Spouses parents (were ABCFM missionaries to HI also):
___________ ROWELL?

Places lived:
ME, Bloomfield         1808       born
ME                     1836       graduated Bowdoin College
ME                     1839       graduated Bangor T.S.
ME, Bloomfield         1840       ordained
HI, Honolulu, Oahu     1840-1855  stationed at ABCFM missionaries (Punahou)
HI, Koloa, Kauai       1855-1878  pastor of foreign congregation 
HI, Koloa, Kauai       1856       release from ABCFM
HI, Kapaa, Kauai           -1878  died

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From Jack Dole who runs the DOLE-L list server
He says to contact Mary Ann Dvorachek, [email protected].

Richard Dole m. Hanna Rolfe

  Abner b. 8 Mar 1672 Newberry MA son of Richard Dole and Hanna Rolfe.
  The Newberry, MA Doles.

    Nathaniel Dole b. 29 Mar 1701 died 12, Aug 1790
    buried at Salesbury, MA, son of Abner (2) Dole and Sarah Belsher.

      Nathaniel Dole b. 20 May 1739 
      son of Nathaniel Dole and Elizsabeth Noyes (Soberby) 
      m. 1 Nov, 1763.  

        Wigglesworth Dole born 17 Nov, 1779 Alna,ME 
                          died 16 June 1845 Norridgewock or Skowhegan, ME.
        son of Nathaniel Dole and Mary Noyes (Somerby)  
        m.11 March 1807  Elizabeth Haskell .  
        Their children were 
        Daniel    b. 1808 d. 1855,
        Nathan    b. 1811 d. 1855, 
        Elizabeth b. 1815 d. 1863 and 
        Isaiah    b. 1819.

          Daniel Dole son of Wigglesworth Dole and Elizabeth Haskell, 
          m.Emily Ballard.
          George H Dole        b. 1842     d.1912.  
          Sanford Ballard Dole b. 1844 HI, d.1926 HI.

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DOLE kids lived:
George Hathaway  1842-1912, m. Clara Maria ROWELL 
...  kids mostly born on Kauai, last born in 1890 in Riverside, CA
...  both died in Redlands, CA
Sanford Ballard  1844-1926, m. Anna Prentice CATE
       (president of Republic and first governor of Territory of Hawaii)
...  Did he have any kids?

     I have copies of the Dole pages listed in Descendants of New 
England Protestant Missionaries to the Sandwich Islands (Hawaiian 
Islands) 1820-1900, from the Hawaiian Mission Children's Society 
Library.  I know there was a compiler but I don't have her name 
readily at hand.  I think it was compiled in the mid 1950's.  They are 
on pages 71-74. Maybe I am missing a page since the pages I have don't 
list Charles S. Dole family.  All of these have full birthdates and 
locations.  Also for deaths where the year is shown.         JRD: Additional research
                                                             Census         Deaths Buried
                                                               where found  SS CA  Kawaiahao
Daniel DOLE  1808-1878                                                             She
  Sanford B.   1844-1926 m. Anna P. CATE                     1900/10               Both
                                    adopted Eliz. m.Eben Low    1910/20/30         She
                                                      Evelyn         20            
                                                      Eben F.        20            He
                                                      Sanford B.     20            He
  George H.    1842-1912 m. Clara M. ROWELL                                    CA
    Walter S.    1868-1945 m. Miriam DREIER                  1900     1930     CA  He
      Carl D.      1896-                                       00                  He
      Richard W.   1900-                                       00
      Elizabeth D. 1902- 
      Norman D.    1903-                                           1920/30
      Vivian D.    1916- m. C. DELAP                                    30
    William H.   1869-     m. Helen I. MILLER                      1920/30
      Eleanor      1907-1928                                         20 
      Miraim M.    1909- m. R.H. KEITH                               20
      Winifred     1912- m. L.M. PAKE                                20 30
      Stephen H.   1916-                                             20 30
    Marion F.    1871- m. E.R. JONES      ---see below (Emmett R.) 1920/30     CA 
                                                      Renwick D.     20 30
                                                      Wilfred D.     20 30
                                                      Emmett H.      20 30
    Clara M.     1872-                                             1920/30     CA
    Charles S.   1873-                                          1910/20        CA  He
    Emily C.     1877-                    ---see below                1930  SS CA
    Alfred R.    1878-     m. Edna RUST                            1920/30  SS CA
      Alfred R.    1914-                                             20 30
      Stuart R.    1919-                                             20 30
    Norman E.    1880-     m. Dorothy WHEELOCK                     1920/30  SS
      Norman E.    1913-                                             20 30
      Janet D.     1916- m. J.A. WEST                                20 30
      Charles W.   1919-                                             20 30
    Wilford H.   1882-     m. Hazel TRAPHAGEN                               SS 
      Wilford H.   1910- 
      Barbara      1913- 
      Emily        1916-1916 
      Georgiana H. 1919- 
    George E.    1884-     m. Florence E. KEARNS  -see below       1920     SS CA
      John E.      1912-                                             20
      Margery K.   1914- m. R.S. BANWELL                             20
      Clara        1917- m. S.R. WHITE                               20
      George H.    1918-                                             20        CA
      Effie        1924- 
    Sanford B.   1886-     m. Charlotte J. KELLEY     II           1920/30  SS
      Sanford B.   1914-                              III            20 30
      Elizabeth    1916-                                             20 30
    Kenneth L.   1888-     m. Isabelle A. Van WINKLE               1920/30  SS
      Margaret     1922- m. F.G. BAWDEN                                 30
      Nancy A.     1923-                                                30
      Rachel       1925-                                                30
      Kenneth V.W. 1928-                                                30
    Elwyn H.     1890-1923 m. Alice OLSON                             1930  SS
      Mary R.      1924-                                                30
      Virginia A.  1926-                                                30
      Muriel E.    1928-                                                30
      Charlotte M. 1935- 
  Jack Drummond  1877-     m. Belle DICKEY (Dole Pineapple)  1900/10/20/30  ss CA
    Richard A.     1907-                                          10 20 30  SS
    James D.       1910-                                          10 20 30  SS
    Elizabeth      1911- m. D.H. PORTEUS                                30  ss
    Charles H.     1914-                                             20 30
    Barbara        1916- m. J. LARSEN                                20 30  SS
     From Tom Bamwell I got a few more names with birth dates but no 
    Marion F.    1871- m. Emmet R. JONES 
      Renwick D. JONES 1902- 
      Wilford E. JONES 1906- 
      Emmet H. JONES   1912- 
    Dr. Emily C. 1875-                                                1930  SS CA
    George E.    1884-1970 m. Florence E. KEARNS                   1920     SS CA
      John E.      1912-1986 m. Harriet L. BAKER                     20
        Barbara            1941- 
        Susan              1942- 
        James              1947- 
      Margery K.   1914-     m. R.S. BANWELL                         20
        Peter D. BANWELL   1943- 
        Nora K. BANWELL    1945-1974 
        Thomas D. BANWELL  1948- 
        Patrick H. BANWELL 1950- 
      Clara        1917-     m. Seward R. WHITE                      20
        Peter WHITE        1950-1954 
        Cathlyn WHITE      1942- 
        Julie WHITE        1944- 
        Philip WHITE       1945- 
      George H.    1918-1981 m. Phyllis N. WORTH (m2.Ruthella WADE)  20        CA
        Stephen            1945- 
        Marianne           1948- 
      Patsie Effie 1924-1966 m. Howard WASHBURN 
        Janet WASHBURN     1950-1966 
        Louise WASHBURN    1951- 
        Nancy WASHBURN     1954- 
        Dana WASHBURN      1957-1966 

                                             SS is for individual, ss is for spouse.

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None yet.

Other Data (Books, Church, Census, etc.):
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Kawaiahao Church Cemetery, Honolulu, Oahu:
Mrs. Emily H. wife of Rev. D. DOLE d.1844*, age 36
Mrs. Charlotte C. DOLE 1813*-1874*
George H. DOLE     1842-1912  /
Clara R. DOLE      1847-1916  /
Sandford B. DOLE   1844-1926    /   
Anna C. DOLE       1843-1918    /
Walter S. DOLE       1868-1945
Carl Dreier DOLE       1898-1900 son of Walter Sanford & Miriam Dreier DOLE
Charles Sumner DOLE  1873*-1951* 
Elizabeth N. LOW     1865-1921   
Sanford Dole LOW       1888*-1889*
Eben Fuller LOW        1899-1925
* Complete dates on tombstone.
Indentation on dates are my guesses.

Hawaii 1900 Soundex D400:
Also Dall, Doyle, Dorf in list.

Dole, David        1875 HI boarder in Honlulu (with Keola)
Dole, E.P.         1850 ME lodger in Honolulu (with Merry)

Dole, Henry        1843 HI Honolulu, Oahu (who is this?)
      Mary         1859 HI (w)
      W.           1891 HI (s)
Nalahui            1844 HI (s.l.)

Dole, Sanford B.   1844 HI Honolulu, Oahu (son of Daniel)
      Anna         1851 ME
      James D.     1877 MA
      Dannett G.R. 1878 CO

Dole, W.S.         1868 HI  Alone in Waialua, Oahu

Dole, Walter S.    1859 HI  Honolulu, Oahu
      Miriam       1876 Am
      Carl D.      1898 Am
      Richard      1900 HI
Dreier, Lilliam    1851 Am (m.l.)

Another DOLE was James Drummond Dole 
Who's Who in California, Vol. 1, 1942-1943, 1941, Russell H. Fletcher
Who's Who on the Pacific Coast, 1949, The A.N.Marquis Co.
Emmigrant Californians, 1953 C.W. Taylor, Jr.
     He was the founder of the Hawaiian Pineapple Co., Ltd.
1877  Born 27 Sep 1877 Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA
          son of Chalres Fletcher & Francis (DRUMMOND) DOLE
1899  Graduated from Harvard Univ. with a AB
1900  Homesteaded in HI
1901  Started to plant pineapple & organized HPC
1903  Erected a cannery
    -1932  President and General Manager of HPC
1932-1948  Chairman of the Board of HPC
1942/3, 1949, and 1953  Living in San Francisco

1906  Married Belle DICKEY on 22 Nov 1906
  Richard Alexander DOLE
  James Drummond
  Elizabeth        m. D. Hebdon PORTEUS
  Charles Herbert
  Barbara          m. Johannes LARSEN

     Need help with DOLE in ME, HI, and CA.  
Who were his parents and siblings?
Want to trace ancestors and contact descendants. 

     Any help would be appreciated.
James R. Davis, 6708 Austin Way, Sacramento, CA 95823   (916)-393-9186

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