Heitlinger Genealogy Research

Heitlinger Genealogy Research
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This research includes most of the Jewish Heitlingers I have been able to discover.  Some practiced their hereditary Jewish faith, some went another way.  It does not appear there is a close relationship with the Catholic Heitlingers of Baden, Germany and I have not listed the genealogy of that group of Heitlingers here.  Should you be interested in that line I'd suggest contacting Louis Heitlinger.

Where are the Heitlingers from?

The modern names for the countries where I have found Heitlingers include the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Germany.

Older names for these countries areas include Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Galicia, and Saros.  Place names changed often as the language of the dominant rulers changed. 

A few Heitlingers left Europe before 1920.  A few more either left Europe just before the deportations of the Nazi Holocaust began or survived in Europe.  
It appears that most Heitlingers perished in the Holocaust.  Those Heitlingers that survived and their descendants can now be found in the United States of America, England, Australia, Israel, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Family Trees & Other Research Items
The Family Trees are truncated so as to not include younger members of the families. 
I suspect that several,or all, of the families are related.  Unfortunately the reseach is difficult for many reasons. 
Email John D-H to exchange additional details.

Family TreeSolomon Heitlinger b: bef 1857, John D-H's
& Alena's ggrandfather
Family TreeDavid Heitlinger
b: bef 1823, son Adolph came to USA in 1870
Family TreeAdolf Heitlinger
b: 19 June 1876, from Poland?, then to Berlin
Family TreeSimon Heitlinger
b: 1863, brother to Solomon b: bef. 1889
Family TreeSolomon Heitlinger
b. bef. 1889, brother to Simon Heitlinger
Family TreeAaron Heitlinger
b: bef. 1856 probably from Galicia, son Zvi
Family TreeMoises (MÓritz) Heitlinger b: bef. 1850 in Radocza, Galicia

Family TreeAbraham Heitlinger
b: bef. 1882 in Myslenice, Galicia

Family TreeM÷r Heitlinger butcher in 1891 Lipany, Héthárs, Sáros County
Family TreeJacob Heitlinger born 1848, of Bielsko-Biala, Poland    
A list of Heitlingers held in the Terezin Concentration Camp near Prague A list of Heitlingers
among Jews deported from Spisska Nova
Vratimov (Rotimau)Alois Heitlinger's hometown
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