Margaret McCabe of County Louth, Ireland

Margaret (Dady) McCabe

Margaret McCabe is Eileen D-H's maternal, maternal great-grandmother.  She was born 21 May 1881, in Drogheda, County Louth, Eire.
The first photo is a photo of Margaret around 1930 so she would be about 49 years old.  This date is very uncertain. 
The second photo is (I think) of Margaret and 2 friends about the same time. 
The third picture is a postcard from her cousin Marianne in Ireland.  The New York postmark is 6 November 1909.  In the postcard Marianne said that this was the church where Margaret was christened.  It is St. Peter's in Drogheda. 

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Margaret came to the US when she was 6 months old, in 1881.  She married Bart Hunt about 1898.  Their address as of 6 November 1909 was 532 East 4th Street, Brooklyn, New York City. 
Margaret passed away in June 1952 at age 71. 

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