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This is a family story of westward settlement.  It began in England with emigration to the American colonies of North Carolina or Virginia.  By the late 1700s the William Cope family moved west to Eastern Tennessee. 
Wiliam Cope's son William Andrew Cope had settled in Hawkins County, Tennessee by 1812.  Sometime after 1855 his son, William Cope, Jr. moved his family to White County in Central Tennessee where in 1861 four of his sons enlisted in the Confederate Army. 
Following the Civil War, William's son, Larkin Cope, who was too young to fight in the Civil War, moved through Kentucky and in the late 1800s settled for a time in Bloomfield, in Stoddard County, Missouri. 
His son, George Dewey Cope married Theresa Loretta Tucker in St. Louis, Missouri. 

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Tucker Genealogy
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From England to St. Mary's County, Maryland.  Part of the Maryland Catholics to Northern Kentucky to Perry County, Missouri.
From County Kilkenny, Eire to Perry County, Missouri.
From France to Perry County, Missouri.
Tom Tucker then moved to Herculaneum, Jefferson County, Missouri.  His daughter Theresa Loretta Tucker moved on to St. Louis, Missouri.
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