Cope Genealogy

Cope Genealogy
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George&TheresaCope.jpg (172023 bytes)George Dewey Cope and
Theresa Loretta Tucker, age mid 20s. They were married in 1921 when they were both 23.  George died in 1926, age 27. 
CopeFamily1920.gif (107932 bytes)Cope family about 1918 probably in Bloomfield,  Stoddard County, Missouri. 
From the left are: Josephine Cope (nee Keathley), Amon Jefferson Cope, Amon's wife Necie (nee Keith)George Dewey Cope, and Nota Cansas Cope. 
GeorgeCope1902.gif (113313 bytes)George Dewey Cope about 1902.  Location is probably Bloomfield in Stoddard County, Missouri where he was born.  GeorgeCopeBackyard.gif (104352 bytes)George Dewey Cope around 1920.  The woman in the back is Lessia Tucker, Theresa Tucker's sister.  Photo possibly taken in the backyard in Herculaneum, MO.  
GeorgeCopeHatSmile.gif (52006 bytes)George Dewey Cope with a hat and a smile about 1920.  HerculaneumStreet1920.gif (159011 bytes)Street in Herculaneum about 1920.  Note horse.  Anyone know what street this is? 
HerculaneumChurch1920.gif (90906 bytes)Church of the Assumption in Herculaneum, Missouri about 1920.  This church is at the foot of the street where Thomas & Martina Tucker lived.  HerculaneumChurch1998.gif (157492 bytes)Church of the Assumption in Herculaneum, Missouri in June 1998. This photo was taken in front of the house where Thomas & Martina Tucker lived. 
Articles on Theresa Cope's death and subsequent trial & conviction of Raymond Underwood
Office Nurse Shot to Death in Arcade Building -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 15 June 1938, Front Page A   
Girls Tell of Slayer's Threats -- St. Louis Globe Democrat, several articles June 1938  
Alienist to Take Witness Stand in Underwood Trial -- St. Louis Star-Times,  14 December 1938, page 3  
Life Term Given Underwood for Nurse's Murder -- St. Louis Star-Times, 15 December 1938, page 22  
GayCopeHerculaneumHome.jpg (312209 bytes)Gay Heitlinger (nee Cope) in front of the house where she lived as a little girl from 1926-1930 with her grandparents, Thomas Tucker & Martina Tucker (nee Hayden) in Herculaneum, MO. 

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