Dewhirst/Dewhurst Family Groups Q-V

Dewhirst/Dewhurst Family Groups

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Richard Dewhurst and ??
Lancashire, England including Goosnargh, as well as migration to Pennsylvania, USA and Canada
ABT. 1590-1890 Ann Lockie Lineage from Dewhu/irst Houses in Lancashire
Richard Dewhirst and Sarah Roberts

94974 & 43192
Horbury, W. Yorkshire, England
ABT. 1754 - 1875 Sylvia Green Richard is the father of John Robert Dewhurst
Robert Dewhirst and Theodocia Webster

Heptonstall, Yorkshire to Devonport, Tasmania
1700s - 1900s David Freeman & Richard Ollerton Robert is thought to be the son of Richard of Heptonstall
Sam and Alice Lofthouse Dewhirst

Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire, England to Toronto, Canada
1873-1988 Wendy Dewhirst Sam is a son of Joseph Dewhirst and Isabella Musgrove in the descendancy of William Dewhirst and Hannah Nicholson
Thomas Dewhurst (son of William) and Margaret Walsh of Leyland, Lancashire, England  
Leyland, Lancashire, England and Cheshire, England
1704-1847 David Freeman & Jana Black According to the IGI, Thomas is a son of William Dewhurst
Thomas Dewhurst and Agnes Anderton
Blackburn, Lancashire, England
1798-AFT. 1865 Theresa Dewhurst Thomas is a son of James Dewhurst and Mary Bolton
Thomas Dewhurst and Agnes Phillipson  
Copp Chapel, St. Michael's on Wye, Lancashire
1784- 1900 David Freeman Thomas is a direct descendant of Richard Dewhurst, Dewhurst Houses, Lancashire, England
Thomas Dewhirst and Elizabeth Mychell  
Heptonstall and Hebden Bridge near Halifax, West Yorkshire, England and moved on to live in Saltaire (Titus Salt's village) around 1855
1653-present Pat Holland  
Thomas Dewhurst and Ellen Thornber/or  
Bracewell, Yorkshire, England and Belle Vue Mills, Skipton, Yorkshire, England
1749-1820 Robyn Lynn Founder of Dewhurst Cotton Mills at Skipton which thrived and supported family and local workers for over two hundred years; in the line of Isaac Dewhurst Sr. of Kildwick, Yorkshire
Thomas Dewhirst and Esther (Easter) Farrar  
Erringdon near Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire
abt. 1690-1750 Chris Morley Potential father of Luke Dewhirst of Brantom Farm, Sowerby, Yorkshire
Thomas Henry Dewhurst and Maria Stevenson  
Skipton, Yorkshire, England
1829-1900s Robyn Lynn Son of John Dewhurst and Alice Bonny in the line of Isaac Dewhurst Sr.
Thomas Dewhurst, Gentleman of Cotton Hall,  & his wife Mary
Lower Darwen, Blackburn, Lancashire, England
ABT. 1743 Theresa Dewhurst & Sheila Dewhurst Possible connection to the line of James Dewhurst and Mary Bolton (just above)... help us prove it or not!
Thomas Dewhurst (likely son of Roger Dewhirst)

Whalley, Yorkshire, England
1505 -1932 Kathy McKegg and Janet Ogden  
Thomas Dewhurst and [1] Sarah Holdsworth [2] Ann Binns

Yorkshire, England to Tasmania
ABT. 1728-1887 Kathy McKegg and Janet Ogden Thomas is a son of Thomas Dewhurst and Mary Yewdall in the descendancy of Thomas Dewhirst (likely son of Roger)
Thomas Dewhurst and his two wives

Manningham & Bradford, Yorkshire, England
1831-1908 Robert G. Moffitt Thomas is a son of Godfrey Dewhurst in the chart of William Dewhirst and Hannah Nicholson


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