Kirwin Family

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One of the Original 14 Tribes of Galway

For an excellent article on the history of the Kirwin/Kirwan surname in the Galway Advertiser
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Here are excerpts from John O'Hart'skirwincrow.gif (1706 bytes)Irish Pedigrees on the family in Galway

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Project Goals:
Though many connections may have been made using the traditional methods of genealogy, the Y-DNA study offers this Irish surname a whole new opportunity to connect to others related to our lines. By comparing DNA results to other kits that come in over time, we greatly increase our chances of matching up to our original KIRWIN lines in Ireland. Given the often impoverished circumstances of Irish immigration, the Great Potato Famine, etc., many Irish who came to the USA may have left behind a deceased family. Using DNA test results offers a significant genealogical clue to our collective origins! See the results so far further down the page.

The testing is simple and painless, involving a cheek swab. Only a male in the direct line will have inherited the Y-DNA, so the females will need to ask a male DEWHURST relative to participate. Through this group surname project, will give a discount on the test fees. Subsequent matched individuals can and may want to move up to more markers later on.

Click to see Cregg Castle - built by Clement Kirwan in 1648

Other Kirwan Castles

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<< Click the label to see "our winery." See a photograph of the Chateau and read a compiled history of Mark Kirwan's time at the winery here
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