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Isaac Flannery (1811-1884) of Floyd and Pike Counties, Kentucky

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A New PDF Version:

Descendants of Isaac Flannery (1811-1884)

This is a "Work in Progress", but is not being regularly updated
(The current size is about 72 printed pages)

NOTE: On my computer, I have merged my FTM "Flannery" file and my FTM "LaGrange" file into a single
FTM "Flannery-Lagrange" file. This is a very large file.

Note: The PAF5 Version has been removed

Related Families:

These are also "Works in progress", but are not being regularly updated.

Click Crisp Halbert Hayes Justice

NOTE: On my computer, these are merged into my FTM "Flannery-LaGrange" file.

My mother's family lines are here:


A Flannery Family Album:

Isaac Flannery

(Paternal Great-Great-Grandfather)

William Singleton Flannery

(Paternal Great-Grandfather)

William Isaac ("Bill") Flannery

(Paternal Granduncle)

John Wesley Flanery

(Paternal Grandfather)

Henry Harrison Justice

(Father of Paternal Grandmother)

My Parents and Their Family

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