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I am Joseph Kenneth Hollingsworth (Ken), and would like to welcome you to my genealogy website. I plan to stretch this out as far as I can. Some lines will obviously grow larger than others.

I am the son of Joseph Carr and Bonnie Caroldine (Blackwell) Hollingsworth. My father and I descend from Isaac and Jacob, the brothers who migrated into Mississippi in the early 1800's, and produced a multitude of descendants. If you are related in some way to a Hollingsworth, don't be surprised to find a connection. Jacob's and Isaac's descendants spread out to most of the southern states, and some even went north.

I would like to invite you to help me in this endeavor. If you have anything that connects to any of these people, I will upload and link to them. Things like photos, family Bibles, biographies, etc., will look very nice and helpful to understand our ancestors and the way they lived. You might even consider putting a memorial to a lost loved one on this site. I have a couple in mind, myself.

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    Here are the surnames I am researching, some moreso than others.
  • Blackwell
  • Freeman
  • Gandy (coming soon)
  • Hollingsworth
  • Knight
  • Maxwell  
  • Monk (coming soon)
  • Tisdale (coming soon)
  • Welch (coming soon)

    If you have any information on any of these lines, including pictures, or documents, please contact me.

    WWI Civilian Registrants Birth Info, selected surnames, indexed and searchable...

    Ken Hollingsworth

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