Ott Family History


The following historical information was extracted from the website constructed by Leo Ott who passed away in late September, 2000.  Leo was well known in the Ott genealogical community for his extensive research on the early origins of the Ott surname.  To ensure that this information remains available, the relevant portions are being incorporated into this website.


Ott Family History

LDS Microfilm 1317274 Item 15 contains the information Memoir of the Ott Family by James E. Renouard and Table III and IV. These are also available as Document P392229, The Ott Family Table, at the British Museum.
The Ott Family
As recorded beginning with the following notations:

First three Ott's where there is a record; Heinrich was killed at Sempach, 1388. The other two Ott's were Ulrich, killed at Nefels, 1388 and Rudolph of Galrus, assassinated in 1388. Identification Numbers on P392229 are as follows:

Heinrich I.O. No. 35
Ulrich I.O. No. 36
Rudolph I.O. No. 37
Jean Gaspard Ott, in his letters from 1787 to 1791, thinks one of the above three may have been the father of Jean Ott, the father of Felix Ott. "In the town register of Zurich, of 1895, it is stated, however, that Felix was probably descended from Konrad Ott, who was living at Aurich in 1303. I feel the authority of Jean Gaspard is preferred." Quote taken from chart.

Beginning Zurich, Switzerland, the year 1398

Jean Ott. Zurich, Switzerland. No dates are shown as to his birth or death date. His son is shown to be Felix Ott, born 1398, in Zurich, Switzerland. No information is shown as to identification of his wife.

Felix, born in Zurich, 1398. Died in Zurich, 1444. Following a war period 1436 – 1444. He was beheaded on 27 May 1444 in a field near the Castle of Nanikon with sixty other prisoners. Record states he had two children:
Kilian Ott Born 1434. Died 1500
Rudolph Ott Birth date not shown. Died 1476
Kilian Ott born in Zurich, Switzerland 1434. He died in 1500. He married Margerite Weiss. His father died when he was ten years of age. He was taken in, raised and educated by German Baroness Anne de Heuven of the Nobel chapter of Notre Dame. He was trained as a dyer and was very successful in life in his trade. They had two children:
Hermann Ott Born 1470. Died 1523
Jean Ott Born in Zurich. Date unknown.  Married Jean Schaffhausen.  Jean "Credited on P392228 as being the founder of the Schaffhausen Branch." He had two sons prior to 1558 for which no information is known
Hermann married Ursula Wegmann. They had four children.
Felix Ott Born 1490. Died 1538
Beatrice Ott Dates unknown. Married gentleman named Meyer.
Nicholas Ott Dates unknown. Married woman named Burer.
Catharine Ott Dates unknown. Married gentleman named Schwingen.
Records show Nicholas and Burer left issue but nothing known of them in 1787.

Jean married Jean Schaffhausen. They had one child.
George Ott Born 1547. Died 1611.

George married, wife name unknown, one child.
Jean George Ott Born 1558.  Died 1641.

Jean George married, wife name unknown. They had two children:
Jean Ott Born 1657. Died 1724.
Jean Henri Ott Born 1661. Died 1722.

Jean Henri married, wife name unknown,  one child.
 Jean George Ott Dates unknown.

Jean George married, wife name unknown. They had one child.
Jean George Ott Born 1685. Died 1736.

Reference British Museum P392229, Ott Family Table III. I.O. 3 & 4.
Felix Ott, born in Switzerland in 1490. Died in Switzerland in 1558. His first marriage was to Elizabeth Fussli. They had one child:
Felix Ott Born 1527. Death date unknown.
There were other issues but last known descent Adam Huser was extinct in 1747.
His second marriage was to Elizabeth Meyer De Birch. They had four children:
George Ott  Born 1536. Died 1592.
Amalie Ott Born 1538. Died 1635.
Ursula Ott Born 1545. Died 1590.
Dorothea Ott Dates unknown.
Felix Ott was present with the rank of Circumvir during the Battle of Capeli (1531) between the men of Zurich and the troops of the five Catholic Cantons, at which the great reformer Zwingli, with 500 of the Elite of Zurich perished.
His first wife, Elizabeth, was the daughter of Pierre Fussli, Chavalier de St. Sepulchre, a rank acquired by making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, became a member of the Great Council, and commanded the Artillery of the Canton.
Reference British Museum P392229, Ott Family Table III. I.O #5
George Ott, born 1536 in Zurich, Switzerland. Died 1592 in Switzerland. He was married three times. First wife was Marguerite Wagmann, 1558, one child:
George Ott Born 1563. Died 1587.

Second marriage was to Marguerite Ziegler, 1565. They had five children however, only name known is fifth child:
Jean Henry Ott Born 1568. Died 1629.

Third marriage was to Catherine Wust. There were nine children. Information known only on youngest:
John Conrad Ott Born 1587. Died 1582. He married a Miss. Keller.

As a point of information, to avoid later confusion, second marriage was to a Miss Ziegler. When his son, George, married, he also married a young lady named Ziegler.
Jean Henri Ott was born in Switzerland in 1568. He died in 1629. He married Catherine Liechtenstein. They had the following children:
Jean Henri Ott Born 1587. Died 1649.
Jean Belthazar Ott Dates unknown. Was living in 1787.
Felix Ott Born 1592.
Jean George Ott Born 1595. He died unmarried.
Gaspard Ott Born 1597. He died unmarried.
Pierce Ott Born 1602.
Anne Ott Born 1605. She died unmarried.
Barbara Ott Born 1608. She died unmarried.
Dorothea Ott Born 1611. She died unmarried.

Jean Henri Ott's second marriage was to Barbara Stoll, in 1600. They had one daughter.

Third marriage was to Dorothea Weber, a widow. She survived him, however the marriage was childless.

John Baptist Ott, born 1661, died 1744. Wife’s name is unknown. Received Sacred orders early, becoming a Pastor in 1690. Nominated "Deacon in Templo Caminlo " in 1706, and Archdeacon of the Grossmonster of Cathedral Church of Zurich in 1716, a position he held until his death. He married, had three children:
John Henry Ott Born 1693. Died 1743.
Pierre Ott No Information
Dorothea Ott No Information

John Henry Ott, born 1693, died 1743, one year before death of his father. In 1716, after education at the University of Geneva, he left Switzerland and went to England where he gained the post of librarian, numiismatologist, and private secretary to Doctor William Wake, Archbishop of Canterbury. In 1739, he became Rector of two parishes of Cromwell and Gamston, and later, Canon of Peterborough Cathedral. The Reverend Ott married Catherine Elizabeth St. Pierre. They had one daughter.
Mary Ott Married Captain Peter Renouard. 

Pierre Ott went on to become the Medical Doctor of Zurich. No other information is available.

Felix Ott was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1592. His death date is Unknown. No information known on his wife. They had one child.
Solomon Ott Born 1628. Died 1688
British Museum P392228, Table IV, Ott Family has the following note by his name: "Third son of Jean Henri Ott, birth year 1592. "Following note appears on the genealogical chart "The ancestor of the present male representative of the Ott Family, whose descent is shown on a separate chart.
Solomon Ott was born in Switzerland in 1628. He died in Zurich, Switzerland in 1688. He was married to Elisbeth Trachsler. They had five children:
Solomon Ott Born 1653 in Wila, Switzerland.  Died 1734, Switzerland.
Cleopha Ott Born 23 Jul 1665 in Wila, Switzerland.  Died 1690, Switzerland.
Hans Rudolf Ott Born 25 Jul.1669 in Wila, Switzerland.  Died 1725, Switzerland.
Heinrich Ott Born 16 Jan.1671 in Wila, Switzerland.  Died in Switzerland.
Leonard Ott Born 21 Sep.1673 in Wila, Switzerland.  Died 1703, Switzerland.