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What's New
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Here is what is new now and what was new then.


3/5/00 ~ All Surname pages have had a researcher page added.  If you have a gedcom you would like to share with everyone else, please let me know and I will load it on that page and make it available for download.

1/28/00 ~ Bolton parish record look-up.  See my England page for information on the Parish Church of Bolton, Lancashire and access to Birth, Marriage and Burial records.

1/11/00    Updated pages.  I have made major modifications to the site with updated references to other sites.

10/99    Due to some mail that Hotmail considered Spam, they summarily deleted my account resulting in the loss of years of e-mail addresses and mail.  This has been a hard lesson to learn.  Even a hobby as innocent as not immune.

10/6/99    Hotmail has had a problem with my e-mail so please send mail to: [email protected]



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