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Genealogy Links
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Genconnect ~ The host for our sight.  The Internet's Oldest and Largest Genealogy Community.

Cyndi's List ~ THE place for internet genealogy.  More than 54,250 links! 43,300 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 100 categories Another 10,950+ uncategorized new links in the works.

FamilySearch ~ From LDS

USGenWeb ~ This is the home page for The USGenWeb Project. This is a group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. This Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free access for everyone.

WorldGenWeb ~ The goal of the WorldGenWeb Project is to have every country in the world represented by an online website and hosted by researchers who either live in their own country or who are familiar with their country's resources. The WorldGenWeb Project is a not-for-profit volunteer genealogical organization dedicated to the free access of genealogical information by anyone in the world.

SurnameWeb ~ The Genealogy Web Project of Surname Resource Centers (With a searchable Registry, consisting of over 70,000 surnames links!)

GENUKI ~ The aim of GENUKI is to serve as a "virtual reference library" of genealogical information that is of particular relevance to the UK & Ireland. It is a noncommercial service, provided by an ever-growing group of volunteers in cooperation with the Federation of Family History Societies and a number of its member societies.

FamilyTreeMaker ~ Our genealogy software

Genealogy Books from

Access ~ A Compass Through Time.  A sister site to Surname Web, many of the links here will take you there. Eventually, each site will have it's own respective areas, but until that time we hope you don't become too confused.    

Discover Genealogy Web Rings ~ The addition of a WebRing to your site, will bring others with the same interest as you, and ones searching for ancestors in the same state together. We all know our ancestors moved together, why not look for them together? Another advantage of a WebRing is, it will increase traffic to your site, who of us couldn't use more traffic?  This site has rings for every state, plus with the new additions of Canada and the United Kingdom.

Genealogy Helplist ~ The Genealogy Helplist consists of volunteers who are willing to help others by looking up specific items at institutions near them, or help supply other information easily accessible to them.

British Isles Look-up Exchange

General Stuff

Indo-European Word Database ~ A great site to find out the meanings and origins of words

Occupations ~ The following is a list of occupations of which many are archaic. These are useful to genealogists since surnames usually originated from someone's occupation. They also are useful to historians in general. The list is by no means complete.

Names Common to European Groups ~ By John Kasab.  The goal is to provide names common to the various regions of 12th and 13th century Europe. While it covers western Europe particularly well, it suffers from limited coverage of central and eastern Europe. Contributions are gladly accepted.

Cemetery Lookup Forum ~ Volunteers that do look-ups.  It's still new but seems to have a lot of potential.


The only books I bought to start doing genealogy were by Angus Baxter.  His easy-to-understand way of presenting his material was just what I needed.  Click here to see his books for sale at  I checked them out of the library first but found that I needed to refer to them often so I bought them.  Since most of my research takes place overseas, I haven't found it necessary to purchase a how-to for the U.S.  If you can recommend any, please send me a note.

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