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The International Molyneux Family Association was founded in 1986 by Wesley Luther Jacob Mullenneix. IMFA is an all-volunteer family history association and we rely on members for the content of our newsletter, this website, and our new wiki and blog.
A wiki website is a place where multiple authors may collaborate on a single article.  Our first article is on the Mxs who lived in Branford, Connecticut: from the introduction by US332 Wayne Straight:

“What could these four subjects possibly have in common? Mx family genealogy, that’s what! At one time or another, each of us has undoubtedly met someone who thinks genealogy is simply a dull recitation of facts and figures about dead relatives. But any genealogist worth his or her salt knows that it is an art inextricably linked with history, in all its many aspects (to include things geographical, climatic, societal, cultural, military and archaeological).

“MxWorld’s story index is replete with examples of this relationship, such as US294 George Mollineaux's article on the Anti-Slavery Movement in America, published in the May 2008 issue. Entitled The Mullenix Family of Branford, Connecticut and Throg's Neck, New York between 1638 and 1790 (see VII Branford MX's: Flushing and Anti-slavery), the article recounts the anti-slavery sentiments of one Horsman Mx, who began a campaign which was the first step toward the abolishment of slavery among American Quakers; was the genesis for the growth of Abolitionism at large in America; and as an indirect consequence of the latter, led to the recent election of an African-American as the President of the United States. 

“That article arose from George’s quest to find a familial relationship between his ancestor, Jesse Mullineaux (1776-1842), and the Branford, Connecticut, “Mulliners”. It also led to a collaborative research relationship between he and myself, during which time he discovered yet another historically significant set of Branford Mx family circumstances. Circumstances which bring us to today’s story, the heart of which is one Joseph Mullineux and an ambitious land deal gone-sour, which eventually required the legal services of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr; was later aborted by the American Revolution; and is part of the early history of NYC’s northernmost borough, the Bronx.”
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A valuable website to visit is Molineux

Here, you'll find the entire book Memoir of the Molineux Family, written by Gisborne Molineux, FRCI, printed For Private Circulation Only, c. 1882 has been scanned at this site.

Try the new search in WorldCat - i.e. type in "Molyneux genealogy" (without the quotes) and see your results.  You'll find the libraries that hold the title - and then (in the U.S. at least) you can request the book locally using inter-library loan.

Remember, IMFA is an all-volunteer family history association and we invite you to join us!

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