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       I am a descendant of several of Hornby's early settlers and so am related in some way to almost everyone who lived there in the 19th century. Research of my direct ancestors led to the discovery of the many interelationships between the families of those early settlers; not only after they settled in Hornby, but in many cases before they arrived.  This led me to attempt to assemble a genealogical history of the entire Town and to share it with other descendants of Hornby pioneers.

                                                                                      George Rogers

This site is a work in progress and changes, updates and additions are made often. To allow me the flexibility to make those frequent changes, I have created a site separate from the Steuben County GenWeb Site. Be sure to also check it as additional information about Hornby can be found there.

I do need your help to make this site bigger and better, so if you have anything to add, please let me know. I'm just one guy with a day job who can't type. I am primarily interested in genealogical information but descriptions of 19th century life would help us understand how those ancestors lived and photos of those ancestors are most welcome. 

To contact me click on "Contact Site Coordinator" at the bottom of any page. My Personal Home Page is recommended only for those bored by genealogy and/or with lots of time on their hands.

Some comments on navigating the site:

The search engine on the Home page will give excellent results; sometimes too good, so be specific.

The family genealogies are posted in outline form from FTM;  however, more complete reports including sources are available.  If you don't find your family, I still may have information which I have not yet posted, so just ask.

There are still Hornby sections of the Clayton, Roberts and especially Hakes histories which I have not had time to transcribe. If your family is in one of those books and not on this site yet, please send it to me.

The 1850 and 1860 U.S. Census' have been posted. Since all censuses are now available online no additional information will be published. I would be happy to do lookups in all censuses for any Hornby descendant.

The photos and historical documents are sections which I would really like to expand so if you have anything to add...

Susan Moore, a former Town Historian is responsible for much of the research which made this site possible. Also many individual family historians have sent me information on their families. If you have information, pictures, documents or whatever you could share it would be appreciated by many and credit will be given you in footnotes.

There are many, many links on this site and with frequent changes it's easy to make mistakes so if you find a link that doesn't work please let me know.

And finally: Consider joining the Hornby Historical Society

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