Wills, Inventories and Estate Administrations

You will find two sections of wills.  The first section are the wills for our early ancestors, and are also linked through "Harry's Corner". 

If you have a will, estate inventory or administration, for an ancestor that you would like to contribute, attach it to an e-mail and send it along.


Wills Estates and Property Settlements
Will of Albert C. Hoppes
Will of Alice M. Hoppes
Will of Amanda L. Hoppes
Will of Amelia H. Hoppes
Will of Annie S. Hoppes
Will of Catharine R. Hoppes
Will of Charles H. Hoppes
Will of Edwin B. Hoppes
Will of Elias Hoppes
Will of Elizabeth W. Hoppes
WIll of Emma E. Hoppes
Will of George D. & Frieda E. Hoppes
Will of George J. Hoppes
Will of Mahlon I. Hoppes
WIll of Mary E. Hoppes
Will of Ralph A. Hoppes
Will of Sallie A. Hoppes
Widow's Exemption - Mary Ann Hoppes
Louella Hoppes minor child of Michael A. Hoppes
Estate of John J. Hoppes
Will of Barney Cannoy
William Hoppes - Franklin Co., IN dated 1857
Jacob Hoppes - Stark Co., OH dated May 1897
Daniel Hoppes - Henry Co. IN dated Jan. 20, 1905
Proven Nov. 6, 1909
Phillip Hoppis - Kosciusko Co., IN
Christian Hoppis - Kosciusko Co., IN
Mahlon Hoppus - Kosciusko Co., IN
John C. Hoppus - Kosciusko Co., IN
Chester Hoppas - Kosciusko Co., IN
George L. Hoppis - Kosciusko Co., IN
Fred M. Hoppus - Kosciusko Co., IN

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