[S02115] Pennsylvania German Marriages

[S01814] Draft Registration

[S01964] Index to Marriage Record Marion County 1916-1920

[S01816] Electronic

[S02270] Tombstone Data

[S01818] Estate Administration

[S02272] Tombstone Inscription


[S01821] Estate Record

[S02124] Pension File

[S01823] Estate Settlement

[S01670] Anderson County Kansas Marriages

[S02127] Personal Knowledge

[S02275] Vital Records

[S02130] Petition of Tamaqua National Bank

[S01679] Berks Co., PA Birth Records

[S02283] Widow's Examination

[S02288] Will

[S01987] Index to Supplemental Marriage Record

[S01686] Berks Co., Pennsylvania Marriages 1885 - 1929

[S01990] Index to Supplemental Record Marriage Transcript Madison County 1880-1920 Inclusive Letters A-Z Inclusive 1of2, 2of2

[S02141] Pre 1882 Indiana Births From Secondary Sources Vol. 1

[S01691] Biographical and Historical Record of Jay County, Indiana

[S01999] John Hopkins of Cambridge, Mass, 1634 and Some of His Descendants

[S01701] Biography

[S02156] Quit Claim

[S02158] Records End

[S01706] Birth Index

[S02160] Roots Web

[S01708] Birth Record

[S01859] Family Bible

[S02010] Land Agreement

[S01861] Family Data

[S01712] Burial Record

[S02013] Letter

[S01865] Family History

[S02015] Lineages of Hereditary Society Members 1600 - 1900

[S01863] Family Data Collection

[S02019] Lycoming Cemeteries, Vol. 6

[S01868] Family History: Lineages of Hereditary Society Members 1600-1900

[S01710] Brides Index

[S02022] Marriage Application

[S01872] Funeral Home Memorial Card

[S02025] Marriage Bond

[S01875] Funeral Records

[S02178] Schuylkill County Pennsylvania: Genealogy - Family History - Biography Vols. I & II

[S01878] Gene Pool

[S02030] Marriage Index

[S01729] Burial Records

[S01880] Helen & Gerald Hoffer, Nappanee, IN

[S02033] Marriage License

[S01732] CD

[S01883] Historical and Biographical History of Berks Co., PA

[S01735] Cemetery Data

[S02189] See Notes Section

[S01737] Cemetery Inscriptions - Stark Co., OH, Vol. 1

[S02191] Social Security Death Index

[S01890] History of Fayette Co., OH

[S01741] Cemetery Records

[S02194] Some Middle Tennessee Pegrams and Their Ancestors

[S01743] Census

[S01895] History of Madison County, Indiana From 1820 to 1874

[S01745] Chosen Land - Barber County Kansas

[S02199] Stark County Ohio Cemetery Records

[S01748] Church Book

[S02202] Stark County Ohio Marriages

[S02052] Marriage Record

[S01750] Correspondence

[S02205] Suit

[S01753] County Records

[S01905] History of The Hoppes Family and our Ancestry

[S02207] Supplemental Marriage Index

[S02058] Meigs County, Ohio Pioneer Families

[S02210] Swiss Roots: A History of the Happes Family to 1800

[S01758] Court Records

[S01756] Court Papers

[S01901] History of Tennessee

[S01761] Dail Death Diary

[S02064] Mortality Index

[S02055] Maryland Historical Society

[S02067] Mortality Schedule

[S01768] Death Certificate

[S02070] Newspaper

[S02072] Newspaper Article

[S01771] Death Index

[S02223] The Dreisbach Book

[S02075] Non Certified Marriage Record

[S01774] Death Record

[S01925] Hoppers - Moxley - Toliver And Related Families

[S02078] Non-Certified Birth Record

[S01777] Death Register

[S02081] Obediah Hoppes' Family Bible

[S02084] Obituary

[S01935] Hoppes - Warren Family Reunion History and Genealogy

[S02089] Oral History

[S02096] Pennsylvania Archives at Roots Web

[S01794] Deed

[S02249] The Hartwells in America

[S01797] Delayed Birth Registration

[S01648] Affidavit of Death and Proof of Will

[S01951] Hoppes and Related Families

[S01801] Descendants of Henry Keller of York County, Pennsylvania and Fairfield County, Ohio

[S01652] AFN

[S02256] The Pioneer

[S02258] The Van Horn Family

[S01959] IGI

[S02263] The William Fleming Family

[S01659] American Boyers

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