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Fabric Pumpkins

Small pumpkin: you will need a 6" dia plastic foam ball,
a 28" square of orange fabric,
and a 3" x 13" strip of green fabric.

Medium pumpkin: you will need a 7" dia plastic foam ball,
a 32" square of orange fabric,
and a 3-1/2" x 16" strip of green fabric.

Large pumpkin: you will need an 8" dia plastic foam ball,
a 38" square of orange fabric,
and a 3-1/2" x 16" strip of green fabric.

You will also need: polyester fiberfill, a rubber band, masking tape, silk leaves with tendrils, string, thumbtack or pin, fabric marking pen, hot glue gun, and glue sticks.


(Small pumpkin)

1. cut a 26" dia from fabric square.

2. Center foam ball on wrong side of fabric circle.

Place fiberfill around ball for desired amount of fullness.

3. Gather edges of fabric together over ball, arrange gathers evenly. Use rubber band to secure gathered fabric close to foam ball.

4. Tuck stems of leaves and tendrils under rubber band to secure.

5. To form pumpkin stem, begin at rubber band and wrap gathered edges of fabric above rubber band tightly with masking tape, tapering to a point at the top.

6. To cover stem with fabric, fold one corner at one end of green fabric strip over point of stem, fold end of strip over folded corner. Gradually working from top to bottom of stem,
wrap free end of strip around stem, covering masking tape completely. Secure end of strip with glue. If desired, fold raw edges of fabric to wrong side.

And voila! There is your pumpkin!!!!

Halloween Trick or Treat Goblins

Although the instructions here will be for small goblins using a bathroom tissue core as its base, they can be made as large as you like, up to the size of using lawn timbers and making an outdoor decoration.



1 bathroom tissue cardboard core

1 piece of Halloween print fabric 4 1/2" X 12"
(4 1/2" will be the length of the dress) and 1 piece 12" X 1"

Craft glue

Brown craft paper (lunch bag will work fine)

Black Sharpie pen

Rubber band



Put a ring of craft glue approximately 1/4" from one end of your cardboard tube, completely circling the tube in a band about 1/2" wide.

Glue the 4 1/2" edges of your fabric right sides together, turn so the right side is to the outside and gather the top edge of the fabric around the cardboard tube, pressing it into your ring of glue.

Use the rubber band to anchor it in place and set aside to dry.
Form a small paper sack* (looks like a grocery sack) just large enough to fit over the top of the cardboard tube with the fabric attached.

Glue the squared bottom and the back seam in place.

Draw eyes and a mouth on the unseamed front of the sack.

From the remaining brown paper cut a small shopping bag-type piece.

Write "trick or treat" across the front of it with your black pen.

Using the 12" X 1" piece fold in one twelve inch side 1/4" and tack with glue, then roll from the raw edge toward the folded edge and glue the folded edge along it's length to form the arms.

Tie a single knot in the center of the length for the hands.

Remove the rubber band from the cardboard tube body.

Take the two raw edges to the top of your dressed cardboard tube.

Move the raw edges up and down to adjust the length of the arms so the hands meet approximately where your goblin's tummy would be.

Glue one side at the top and trim any excess.

Place the handle of your shopping bag over the unattached arm and slide it to the center where your knot hands are.

Adjust the remaining length, trim and glue in place.

This should look like your hands are held in front of the goblin with the shopping bag over the arms.

Be sure the writing is facing out.

Place a circle of glue on the top edge of your cardboard tube and pull the small sack over the tube and the top of the fabric to anchor in the glue.

Be sure the face and hands are facing the same way.

Trim the fabric even with the bottom of the cardboard tube.
*A paper sack can be made by wrapping a square or rectangular box slightly larger than the tube and taping the back and one end leaving the other end open to slide over the top of the tube.

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