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1785-Nickolas Hollinger-(Lancaster Co,Pa)
Nickolas on 28 Nov prior had a new will drawn up.
Probated 28 Jan"
"my wife Elizabeth (Catharine) shall have right to rent out the house
I dwell..my son Daiel shall have preference..my wife to receive 1/3 of all
properties..I give unto my said beloved wife the same room..with stove
therein without molestation..right to the kitchen..1/3 of the garden to
plant..right to take as much of the household furniture as she
chooses..black mare..among colts and the clock"/he then provides for son
Daniel in great detail the creatures, harrow..the whole for 18
pounds..wagon chain 1/2 pounds-he will pay in gold and silver in 3
yrs/remainder shall be divided.."my son Phillip..shall receive 5
shillings-extraordinary in lieu of his double share..I hearby (old
spelling) in good memory appoint my brothers John & Christopher to be
executors. signed by mark Nicholas Hollinger/to wit: Phillip Shoemaker/who
drew up will / & Daniel Hollinger. wit: (codicil): Phillip Schwems &

1749 Nickolas marr: Einod or Waldmohr Catharine /Bauer?
1743 20 Sept  Nickolas arrived in Philidelphia on Ship

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1786 - Admin Account Nicholas Hollinger deceased... the account of John
Hollinger and Christopher Hollinger execs. to the will of Nicholas
late of Donegal Twp in the County of Lancaster, yeoman deceased ...
Total received [in monetary unit pounds] 127.14.5

[final number on right is illegible on entire column:]

36 items paid out listing to whom paid and amounts - totaling 55.17.?

Distribution of balance

To Catherine the Widow of the Deceased on the third part of a Debt of
charged to and payable by Daniel Hollinger one of the sons of the Deceased
agreeable to the Direction of the will

[Then listed and in this order are names each to receive amount of 6.1?]

Philip Hollinger,
Fredrick Boyer and Elizabeth his wife [previously they were listed as Byer
owing money to the estate],
Jacob Hollinger
Daniel Hollinger
Catherine Hess
Anna Maria Hollinger
Christian Hollinger
Eve Hollinger
Magdalena Hollinger
noted that Catherine Hess' husband did not take receipt - assumption he

JOHAN NICHOLAS HOLLINGER ca 1725/1786 (son of Jacob 170l/1782)
married ca 1749 Catherine Elizabeth  (BAUER?)

Children (per Kline*=county records**  and Will***)
PHILIP*** born ca 1750  (married by 1775)
JACOB* listed by Kline
DANIEL***on will
EVA**b/b Jul27,1768
ANNA MARIA**b/b Feb 29.1763
CATHERINA**b/b Jan17,1761
CHRISTIAN**b/b May 2,1765 (Kline record = Christian Hollinger undt Eva. m. Eliz Help,Kelp,etc= ? (someone Send =
ELIZABETH**birth Not Recorded, married Fred BOYER, No kids (ages? or Bauerfamily)
ANNA MAGDALEN**b/b May 20/1773? (Or does this pertain to BAUER kids?msh)
NICHOLAS (same as Philip? listed by Kline )
MICHAEL (listed by Kline
ARE There Later Court Records on this family?,msh