Hughsville is the only village in the township. It was a town before the organization of the township was laid out and platted by Reece Hughes, named in his honor, and is located twelve miles north and-west of Sedalia, on the Lexington Branch of the Missouri Pacific railway. It is surrounded by the most fertile and productive agricultural district found anywhere in the county and for the past thirty years has been the best livestock shipping point along the Lexington Branch, between Sedalia and Independence, the McClures, the McAninch Brothers, the Durleys, Hesses and McCurdy Brothers being known throughout the State as leading cattle men. This little village has a population of 250 and has kept pace with the development of the county. 

Robert Bealert, Cuthbert D. Mockbee, Rollie E. Bealert, Looney P. Bruce Lumber Company, W. S. Baltzelle, John McNees, Ray Bealert, P. Bruce, of the Bank of Hughesville, Doctors Bishop and Mitchell and Harry Stober are in business there. 

Hughesville has one bank and the institution is a credit to the town and the community. The Bank of Hughesville was organized and opened for business on December 8, 1904. S. W. McClure is president and Dr. W. T. Bishop, now serving in the United States Army as a captain of Medical Corps, is vice-president; P. Bruce is cashier and has been since the opening of the institution. The following gentlemen constitute the board of directors. S. W. Mcclure, Dr. J. E. Mitchell, Dr. W. T. Bishop, J. L. MceCurdy, W. F. Kraft, W. V. McClure, and P. Bruce. The following is the financial statement of July 10, 1918: Resources-Loans and discounts, undoubtedly good on person or collateral, $84,585.81; loans, real estate, $6,780; bonds and stocks, $5,499; real estate (banking house), $1,800; furniture and fixtures, $1,700 ; due from other banks and bankers, subject to check, $38,969.03; currency, $1,385; specie, $1,042.35; War Savings Stamps, $1,879.58; gold coin, $10. Total, $143,650.77. Liabilities-Capital stock paid in, $10,000; surplus fund, $10,000; undivided profits, net, $4,803.39; individual deposits subject to check, $76,949.59; time certificates of deposit, $16,893.79; bills payable and rediscounts, $25,000; dividends unpaid, $4. Total, $143,650.77. 

(History of Pettis County Missouri by Mark A McGruder 1919)

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