In the center of a broad expanse of beautiful table land, extending back as far as the eye can reach in any direction, is situated the town of Houstonia. It was named in honor of Col. Thomas F. Houston. It is not the purpose of the writer to attempt to give a detailed or exhaustive description of this locality, as it must be seen to be appreciated. Suffice it to say, that here is a section of country that is seldom equaled, and never surpassed, in point of beauty or productiveness, by any county in the State. It is the most important shipping point of the county. The town suffered a severe calamity on the 23rd of February, 1875, by the long-to-be-remembered cyclone of that date, an account of which is given in connection with this chapter. It built up rapidly, and now contains a number of beautiful and comfortable residences, and several business houses of more than ordinary pretensions. Its business interests are represented by a number of live, energetic business men, who are fast becoming widely and favorably known throughout the surrounding country. 

The present population of the town is about 430 and in consequence of its close proximity to the famous McAllister Springs, is destined in the near future to become a popular resort and an important distributing point. The following gentlemen represent the business interests of Houstonia: Longan & Sewell, druggists ; Voight and Brothers, hardware; Westbrook & Staples, plumbers; C. H. Houchin & Son Mercantile Company; Z. C. & E. D. Kongan Mercantile Company. 

The municipal officers are: H. C. Brown, chairman village board; L. L. Crews, James Cooper, H. C. Upton and Nathan Harris, members; Morgan Pummell, marshal; A. Bender, treasurer, collector and clerk; John Rissler and H. C. Brown, Justices of the peace. J A. Williams, postmaster. 

Farmers' Bank of Houstonia was organized April 27, 1915, and opened for business June 28, 1915. C. H. Houchen is president, and M. P. Tuck, vice-president. Oscar Rothrock is cashier. The following comprise the board of directors : C. H. Houchen, E. S. Smith, M. P. Tuck, R. C. Finely, Z. R. Higgins, Louis King, Oscar Rothrock. The bank has: Loans and accounts, $27,564.26; loans on real estate, $400; bonds, certificate of Ind., War Savings Stamps, $7,400 ; due from banks, subject to check, $37,508.54; time certificates of deposit $9,302; deposits $56,177.75; capital stock, $15,000. 

The Houstonia Bank was organized and opened for business in the year 1855. The following gentleman constitute the officers and directors of the bank: F. C. Hayman, president; G. H. Tevebaugh, vice-president; D. E. Longan, cashier; H. A. Longan, assistant cashier; J. T. Patterson, E. B. Gibson and C. D. McConnell, directors. Houstonia Bank, at Houstonia, State of Missouri at the close of business on the 28th day of June, 1918: Resources-Loans and discounts, undoubtedly good on personal or collateral, $148,209.45; loans, real estate, $24,319.13; overdrafts, 1,257.09; bonds and stocks, $900; real estate (banking house), $1,000; furniture and fixtures, $500; due from other banks and bankers, subject to check, $38,305.63; cash items, $83.60; currency, $844; specie, $637.20. Total, $216,056.10. Liabilities-Capital stock paid in, $25,000; undivided profits, net, $2,978.82; due to banks and bankers, subject to check, $1,922.39; surplus fund, $14,000; individual deposits subject to check, $102,395.09; time certificates of deposit, $64,155.70; bills payable and rediscounts, $5,000; other liabilities, $604.10. Total, $216,056.10. 

(History of Pettis County Missouri by Mark A McGruder 1919)

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