Green Ridge

Green Ridge

Green Ridge is a beautiful town. It is incorporated as a city of the fourth class, is the Principal town in Green Ridge township and has made a steady growth since its foundation in 1870 and 1871, when the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railway came through the county. It is located in the northeastern part of the township, on the prairie, in a prosperous and fertile farming district. Its dwellings and streets are well kept and its business men are up to the minute. The town has a population of about 500. 

One of the oldest Masonic lodges of the county flourished in the early days here. 

The following are the business interests of the city: Ed Johnston, James S. Ream and Sons, W. T. Brim, R. H. Nelson, Thomas Closer, The Peoples' Bank, Ora Nicholson, N. G. Woods, G. R. Shelly, Andy Raines, Ed Rene, L. B. Ream & Sons, The Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, E. R. -Grinstead, Joe Donaldson, Muir Drug Company, Hite & Dysart Drug Company; G. L. Bennett & Son, John Osborne, W. L. Martin, Green Ridge Local News, James Hurley, A. N. Baker, C. D. Claybourn & Sons and Doctor Hite. 

Municipal Officers are: William T. Brirn, chairman village board; J. E. Bagby, C. D. Rayburn, J. H. Donaldson and H. A. Hite, members; John Bradfield, marshal; E. E. Durand, treasurer; T. J. Close, collector; Fred E. Ream, clerk; George Shelley and Joseph Elliot, justice of the peace. Mrs. Alberta S. Brirn, postmistress. 

Green Ridge has two banks, either of which would be a credit to a town much larger than this one. The Farmers' and Merchants' Bank was organized in March, 1890, and opened for business on April 1, of that year. J. E. Bagby is president; B. F. Stephens is vice-president; E. E. Durand is cashier, and E. D. Bagby is assistant cashier. Its board of directors consists of the following gentlemen: J. E. Bagby, B. F. Stephens, E. E. Durand, C. D. Rayburn, S. A. Kendrick, J. D. Helman, R. H. Nelson, James McCampbell, D. R. Elliot, H. M. Brown and E. B. Helman. The total resources of this bank is over $300,000. Its capital stock is $11,000. Deposits are $250,000 with surplus and profits of $35,000. 

The People's Bank of Green Ridge was organized April 5, 1904, and opened its doors for business on June 27th of that year. Its president is Andrew Habecker and its vice-president, Charles W. Denny. J. E. Ream is cashier. The following gentleman constitute the board of directors: Andrew Habecker, Charles W. Denny, James 0. Truel, Robert Ewers, V. H. Bary, Herbert S. Gregory, W. A. Habecker, E. W. Doherty, H. A. Hite, E. F. Ream, M. A. Ream, F. E. Ream, J. E. Ream. 

Statement at the close of business September 17, 1918: Resources Loans and discounts, $40,693.91; overdrafts, $254.57; bonds and stocks, $4,854.09; real estate (banking house), $2,725; furniture and fixtures, $785; due from other banks and bankers, subject to check, $26,882.70; cash items, currency, and specie, $4,467.72. Total, $80,662.99. Liabilities Capita! stock paid in, $14,000; surplus and undivided profits, $1,744.28; individual deposits, subject to check, $51,431.41; time deposits, $13,487.30. Total, $80,662.99. 

The board of education is C. D. Rayburn, president; L. L. Ream, vice-president; E. E. Bagby, secretary; E. R. Reno, F. E. Ream, G. D. Rayburn. 

(History of Pettis County Missouri by Mark A McGruder 1919)

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