Muster Roll of Company A 1st Reg.

Muster Roll of Company A 1st Reg. 1st Brig. Oregon Volunteer Militia
Also known as the
Mountain Rangers

Abel D. Helman - Capt.
Thomas J. Osborn - 1st Lieut.
Wallace Baldwin - 2nd Lieut
John L. Grubb - 1st Sergeant
Robert B. Robinson - 2nd Sergeant
Minus Walker - 3rd Sergeant
Allen C. Spencer - 4th Sergeant
Frank M. Applegate - 5th Sergeant
William Patterson - 1st Corp.
Frank W. Myer - 2nd Corp.
John B. Shook(?Shank) - 3rd Corp.
Charles A. Root -4th Corp.
Isaac N. Shook(?Shank) - 5th Corp.
William W. Kentner - 1st Bugles
William B. Stout - 2nd Bugles
Ivan Applegate - Private
Oliver C. Applegate - Private - Elected Company Journalist Dec. 7, 1865
James V. A___man - Private
Henry A___man - Private
Daniel B.Brod___(?) - Private
Hugh F. Barron - Private
John Derlin - Private
Eber Emory - Private
Oliver P. Evans - Private
George W. Fordyce -Private
William Griffin - Private
Goddard <unreadable> - Private
William B. Grubb - Private
John B. Holton - Private
Lewis Hiatt - Private
Reuben B. Hutten(?) - Private
Zenus(?) Howard - Private
William Johnson - Private
William H. Jaquett - Private
Charles K. Khun - Private
Ashu McC(?) - Private
Michael Mitchelson - Private
Oley Mickelson - Private
John M. Murk - Private
Benjamin Myer - Treasurer
Ezra B. Rhinehart - Private
Allen Rockafellow - Private
Oscar Sterns - Private
William Stewart - Private
Allen W. Stergis - Private
James W. Smith - Private
? Sargant - Private
Thomas Simmons - Private
Francis M. Themus(?) - Private
Wesley Themus(?) - Private
James Thornton - Private
Jerry P. Woodson(?) - Private
John P. Walker - Private
Jacob Wagner - Private
? M. Wagner - Private
Philip Wagner - Private
William Breeson - Private
Christian H. Blake - Private

Note: These names were copied from a list handwritten by Abel Helman. It was hard to read and I do not claim that I transcribed all the names accurately.

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