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Welcome to the Jackson County, Oregon History Home Page. We decided to host this page due to our vast interest in Ashland History and our genealogical connection to one of it's founding father's, Abel Helman. As we begin this page, many of the links and most of the information is on and about Ashland. This is because it was what we had researched. We will be adding more information, as we find it, for the rest of the county, so please bear with us. We certainly don't mean to exclude the rest of the wonderful county. We made our first trip to southern Oregon in June and were deeply impressed by the beauty and climate of the entire area. Any additions to this page would certainly be welcome.

Cities & towns in Jackson county: Ashland, Medford, Butte Falls, Prospect, Eagle Point, Trail, Shady Cove, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Talent, Central Point, Ruch, Rogue River, Applegate, Gold Hill, Murphy, Williams, White City, Lakecreek

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Poem written by Jay Eugene Niles as a Tribute to Abel about
the beginnings of Ashland, Oregon
Notes of Genealogical Interest From Abel Helman's Journal
February 1883- July 1892
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Also known as the
Mountain Rangers
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