The Will of Joseph Hedges of Monocacy
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The Will of Joseph Hedges of Monocacy,
dated September 6, 1732

[This copy of the will has been transcribed and conformed to the original]

I, Joseph Hedges of Manaquicy in Prince Georges County in Maryland do recommend my soul into the hands of God and profess faith in full and free pardon of his sins through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I order my body be decently buried at the discretion of the Executor, and all my debts be paid in convenient time after my decease by my Executor.

I give and bequeath to my well beloved son Solomon Hedges whom I likewise constitute make and ordain Executor of this my Last Will and Testament a certain tract of land computed to be 250 acres lying up Manaquicy Creek on the West side of said Creek. [There is a fold across the last digit of 250; it could be 258, 256, or just 25. The only way to tell for sure is to check other land records for that piece of property.]

I give unto Charles Hedges and Joshua Hedges, my 2 sons, each of them, two hundred acres of land at Opeckon to be cleared and paid for out of my estate and effects.
[A blot over the second "o" in "Opeckon" could be a filled-in "e".]

My will is that my Executors Solomon Hedges and Charles Hedges shall purchase 400 acres of land at Opecken which shall be equally divided between my two sons Jonas Hedges and Joseph.

My Will is that my Executors above named do purchase one hundred and ninety acres on Manaquicy out of my estate and effects for my son Samuel Hedges.

I give unto my Daughter Ruth my gray mair and colt and to my Daughter Cathren a young brown mear and to my daughter Dorcas a young sorrel mear and to my son Joseph a dark bay mear and colt. I give to my son Samuel by brown mear and colt.

And my will is that what remains of my estate stock and effects with household goods and furniture be equally divided amongst my children and wife.

The will was signed by his mark.  Witnesses were Chidly Mathews, Thomas Hillard and John Hilliard.

The will was probated before the court of Prince George's County, November 29, 1732. Childly Matthews made an oath that he saw and heard Joseph Hedges sign, and publish the will. "The other subscribing witances to this will are dangerously ill and could not attend.".

[Mathews' name appears twice on the document, witness as "Chidly" and appearing in court as "Childly"]

The original of the will is now located at Annapolis, Maryland and is recorded as Wills 20:468.