NameSanford Langworthy (ca 1825)
Birth Dateca 1825
Death Dateca 1845
MotherBetsey Ranville? (perhaps) (ca1807-1896)
Birth Dateca 18291639
Death DateJul 18, 18721639
Death PlaceBallston Spa, New York
FatherJohn Ferris (1800-)
ChildrenZenas (1845-1938)
Notes for Sanford Langworthy (ca 1825)
The existence of this Sanford Langworthy in White Creek, NY is based on the statement by Zenas Langworthy (1845) that his father was Sanford Langworthy of White Creek and that his mother was Mary Jane Ferris.

There is no proof that Chester Langworthy (ca 1810) was Sanford's father, but Chester's was the only household in the 1840 census of White Creek having a male of the right age, and it seems reasonable that Chester would name his oldest son after his father.

Zenas Langworthy said that his father died when Zenas was very young. Mary Jane then married Zenas Robinson, for whom Zenas Langworthy was named.

Some area residents said that Zenas’ father did not die but moved away, remarried but had no children. For example, in 1953 and 1954, Frederick Thomas Carpenter wrote a series of letters to the Argyle Town Historian, providing information about a number of families that had lived in the area. Here are two quotes from these letters:

• Jan 27, 1954: "Your last letter received this morning and was glad to hear from you. Now Zenas Langworthy was supposed to be son of Sanford Langworthy, three months before Zenas was born she left him and went to live with Zenas Robinson. She gave him the first name of his stepfather."

• Jan 30, 1954: "As far as I know Zenas was the only son of his father, Sanford Langworthy. Sanford married or lived with another woman, he had two wives."
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