The Langworthy Families in America, Part 1:

The Descendants of Andrew and Rachel (Hubbard ) Langworthy

of Newport, Rhode Island

Compiled by Hal Langworthy

Revised November 2018

Although there were a number of immigrants named Langworthy in early America, most present day Langworthys seem to be descendants of Andrew Langworthy and his wife Rachel Hubbard, of Newport, Rhode Island. Part 1 of this web site attempts to pull together the most complete, accurate and up to date information we have about this family. Information about other Langworthy families can be found using the links below.

Because of size restrictions I'll only be able to include descendants with the Langworthy surname. However I'll try to include the spouses of the Langworthy daughters, so that those of you whose ancestors married into the family will be able to trace your Langworthy lines.

A lot of the information on this site was drawn from "The Langworthy Family", by William Franklin Langworthy (Tuttle, 1940). All of the persons covered in that work are included here (though much personal information is omitted), but some errors are corrected, some lines are extended, some female ancestral lines are traced, and references are included for all data.

If you can provide additional (or better) information, please send it to me - I'd be happy to add it to the site and to list you as a contributor.


And also:

  • Part 2 of this site covers other immigrants who have Langworthy descendants, and also includes Langworthy families I haven't been able to place (yet). If you haven't found your Langworthy ancestors in Part 1, be sure to look at Part 2!
  • For a broader look at people named Langworthy, Longworth, Longsworth (and etc.) who settled in early America, see: Immigrants to America before 1750
  • Genealogical Miscellany covers an assortment of related genealogical items, including:

    • How to find copies of "The Langworthy Family" by William Franklin Langworthy
    • English origins of the family
    • The Langworthy coat of arms
    • Why this web site doesn't contain ALL the descendants of Andrew and Rachel

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