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Remembering the Good Times
Saturday Noon Parade

  1. Color Guard
  2. Denison High School Marching Band
  3. Grand Marshall Donald Lindstrom
  4. Mayor Gerald Buller
  5. Marching Drill and Dance Team
  6. Kiron Fire Department Vintage Pumper/Tanker Truck
  7. Kiron Fire Department Emergency Services Ambulance
  8. Kiron Fire Department Pumper/Tanker Fire Engine #1
  9. Kiron Fire Department Pumper/Tanker Fire Engine #2
  10. Kiron Fire Department Ladder/Rescue Unit Truck
  11. Kiron Fire Department Fire Chief's Command Center Unit Truck
  12. Talcott Family Band
  13. Shriners of West Central Iowa
  14. Shriners Organ Grinder
  15. Shriners Magic Carpet Drill Unit
  16. Carpet Cleaners
  17. American Legion Marching Unit
  18. American Legion Honor Roll
  19. Insurance Company
  20. City of Wall Lake, Iowa - Birthplace of Andy Williams
  21. United Church of Christ - Keeper of the Light
  22. Miniature Horse's
  23. Odebolt Arthur High School Marching Band
  24. Friedrichsen Real Estate
  25. Holstein Dressed Young Girls Group
  26. Kiron Baptist Church
  27. Kiron Baptist Church
  28. Wide Front John Deere with Trailer Group
  29. MTA Farmall with Float and Rosenquist Oliver
  30. Storm Lake Mexican Dance Group
  31. Lindstrom Oil Company Delivery Truck
  32. Kiron's Quik Mart
  33. Vernal S. Gustafson Farm
  34. Farmers Mutual Insurance and Larson Insurance Co
  35. Ricketts Iowa Chicago and North Western Train Depot
  36. Lindstrom Farm Supply, Kiron, Iowa
  37. Odebolt Fire Department Vintage Fire Engine
  38. Charlie's Plumbing and Heating, Kiron, Iowa
  39. Fredrich Gronau scale model farm by Jerry Gronau
  40. Bethel Lutheran Church Bell Tower
  41. Restored 192x Black Automobile
  42. Happy Birthday Float
  43. 1952 Pontiac (Olds?)

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