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 Stories and Tall Tales

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 Articles in this section have been gleaned from both oral and written sources.

  1. 1944 Tornado Path-Wheeler
  2. 1944Tornado-1
  3. 1944Tornado-2
  1. 1944Tornado-EL
  2. 1944Tornado-ML
  3. 1944Tornado-EJ
  1. 1944Tornado-Hard

Sometimes events occur that become milestones in the memories of the community citizens. Some are caused by nature like floods, storms, tornados, fires, etc. Some are caused by man like extraordinary achievements or horrendous accidents, criminal activity, just being silly, etc. These are the things that spawn comments like: "I'll never forget it", "Wasn't that something", or "It was just meant to be". These are the things that stick in the mind. These are the things that define points in the continuum of time.

Then there are those stories that seem to have lost their connection to their origin. They get passed around and around. They appear to be accepted without challenge. Whether they are true or not is seemingly not important. What is important is that they seem to "fit" the occasion. They frequently exaggerate heros and villians alike. They unabashedly cross back and forth over the line between reality and fantasy. Even ghost story mysticism is ok. They find receptive ears.

As we find things of this nature, we will add them to this section. And this is your opportunity to share those "stories" that were part of your life's experiences. This is the place where "exactness" isn't the only defining criteria. So let us know.