Swedish Settlements in Iowa Table of Contents

Swedish Settlements in Iowa

Their Founding and Development and Some of their Noted Men and Women

A Booklet by O. M. Nelson

 I have a copy of the above 44 page booklet. The only claims to authorship is the simple statement "by O. M. Nelson".  There is no foreward, preface, about the author, published by, or any of the other usual mechanisms to contact the originator.  There is no evidence of a declared copyright.  From my knowledge of  Iowa history, I would date the booklet to 1930 plus or minus 5 years.  There are around 20 additional pages devoted to Swedish advertisers.  The booklet is historically valuable because both the text and ads have specific mentions of names of people.  Included is both historical text and advertisements from the Kiron area.  It is my intention to present a scanned reprint of the booklet  here subject to withdrawal if the original author, who is unknown at the moment, objects.  It is certainly not my intention to take someones property without their consent.

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  • Swedish Settlements in Iowa Booklet  Table of Contents
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  • Discovery and Early Settlement
  • The First Swedish Colonies in Iowa
  • Distribution and Characteristics of the Early Swedish Immigrants in Iowa
  • Pottawattamie County
  • Harrison County
  • Montgomery County
  • Union County
  • Page County
  • Ida County
  • Crawford County
  • Sac County
  • Monona County
  • Boone County
  • Webster County
  • Advertisements

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