20060916 Kiron Kountry Data Base Narrative -- 1600 to 1900

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20060916 Kiron Kountry Data Base -- 1600 to 1910

This is a collection of data regarding individuals born after 1600 and before 1910. References to any children that may still be alive are noted with "private" and/or with date and place informaton removed. Some of the facts presented are birth, marriage, death, census, living location, and occupation.

The number of individuals in the Kiron Kountry data base has grown to over 65,000 entries. Several family tree branches going back to Schleswig/Holstein and other parts of Europe have been added. Also, data on individuals moving from eastern states into the Deloit and Milford township area has been included. We have had lots of cooperation on documenting the Swedes of early Charter Oak. A special overseas request resulted in identifying a number of decedents in the old cemetery south of Wall Lake. Emailed requests for information are received nearly every day giving evidence to an extensive audience interested in documenting their Iowa roots.

Some entries in this database are well documented with vital record data and with family connections. Others are known only by name and may represent a duplicate of another entry. We try to avoid merging names and attaching new data to old names when the connections are not well established. Not all names appear on this website. Several filters were applied to the data base to eliminate entries for living persons born after 1910 and to privatize data for individuals where age was indeterminate but the possibility of post 1910 existed. All records should be treated as secondary data and be subjected to proof. Accuracy is a goal but not always achievable. Corrections are appreciated and the professional courtesy of such notice is expected.

The scope of the source of name data has expanded both geographically and chronologically. Most of the 1600 and older family tree connection data has been provided by dedicated individuals. Some of this data may appear in fuller detail on other websites identified using any of the large search engine sites. In several cases, family historians have provided much needed data to resolve ambiguity and extend family trees. Data from the Emigranten CD, PLF CD's, Emibas CD, Arkion DB, and other similar internet databases have been incorporated in this revision to improve date and place accuracy for some of the records. This research continues to go on.

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