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áilte romhaibh isteach.

 This is the official website of the Clann ÓGallchobhair (Gallagher) World Wide, the Place of Gathering for the generations of Gallchobhar, descendant of Niall Naoighiallach, high king at Teamhair (Tara).

am The ÓGhallchobhar, and it is I who make you welcome here to this "virtual" Tír Chonaill -- the ancestral homelands of our ancient clann.  You are no stranger to me, mo cenéal, for of all those who have passed before, you are their hope, their joy, and their sorrow ... and the ultimate triumph of their travails. 

he Land remembers you still, and your father's hearts reach out to you.  I bid you return home now in this gathering of your brothers and sisters from out of all nations, tongues and times which I have scattered you to this Place of Meeting ...

his once and future realm which is your place of belonging.  Here you are welcome.  Here you are honored.  Here you are loved. 



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PHOTO: An old watch castle ruins near Ballyshannon, Ireland 
© 2000 by Michael Monroe Gollaher

The Minstrel Boy

The minstrel boy
to the war has gone,
in the ranks of death
you will find him. 

His father's sword 
he hath girded on, 
and his wild harp 
slung behind him.

The minstrel fell, but 
the foeman's chains 
could not keep his 
proud soul under.

The harp he loved 
never played again, 
for he tore it's 
chords asunder.

Oh, land of song,"
said the warrior bard,
"Though all the world
betray thee, 

"One sword, at least,
thy rights shall guard,
"One faithful harp
shall praise thee."

And said, "No foe 
shall sully thee, 
Thy soul of love  
and purity,

"Thy songs were meant
for the brave and free! 
And shall not sound 
in slavery!"

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