Pedigree of Ghallchobar I
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Pedigree of
Ghallchobar to Adam

[Galcobar, Gallchubhair, ÓGalchobair, ÓGallagher] 
CONTENTS: Galcobar
Progenitor of the name.
Conal Gulban
Father of the Cenéal Chonaill.
Nial Nóigiallach
"of the Nine Hostages," High King at Tara
Father of the Milesians i Ireland
Gaeidhil Glas
Progenitor of the Gaoidhelic culture worldwide.
Father of mankind
The Milesian Genealogies
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his page is going to be "under construction" for quite some time, as it is the result of much research.  We present here what purports to be the "Milesian Genealogies," compiled from such antiquities as the Annals of the Four Masters, the O'Cleary Genealogies, O'Hart pedigrees  and other annals of Ireland, such as the Annals of Ulster and The Lebor Gabala Erren. For more information on this historical works, see the short essay after the pedigree list and associated links.

As information is obtained, I will add it to the historical pedigree below.  Anyone who wants to contribute to this work is cordially invited to participate.  Just send me an email here.

***** 1. Aedh Og
who was living in the later part of the 17th Century, and was the senior representative of the race of Conall Gulban, son of
2. Art, son of
3. Aedh, son of
4. Eogan, son of
5. Art, son of
6. Eogan, son of
7. Edmond, son of
8. Tuathal, son of
9. Donncadh, son of
10. John, son of
11. Nichol, son of
12. Gilla-Coimdhe, son of
13. Aedh, son of
14. Fergal, son of
15. Donncadh, son of
16. Nichol, son of
17. Maclruanaidh, son of
18. Aedh, son of
19. Diarmaid, son of
20. Domnall, son of
21. Amlaeibh, son of
22. Donncadh O Gallchobhair, in English, O'Gallagher, son of
23. Magnus, son of
24. Galcobar, from whom the name is derived, son of
25. Rurcan, son of
***** 26. Ruaidri, son of
27. Donncadh, son of
28. Domnall, son of
29. Kellach, King of Ireland from 642 to 654, son of
30. Maelcoba, King of Ireland, son of
31. Aedh, King of Ireland, son of
32. Amniri, King of Ireland, son of
33. Sedna, King of Ireland, son of
34. Fergus Kenn-fada, son of
35. Conall Gulban,
son of
36. Niall of the Nine Hostages, (405 AD)
High King of Ireland, son of
37. Eocaidh Muigh-madon, KI, son of
38. Muredach Tirech, KI, son of
39. Fiacaidh Srabthini, KI, son of
40. Carbri Lificar, KI, son of
41. Cormac Ul-fada, KI, son of
42. Art Aeinfer, KI, son of
43. Conn of the Hundred Battles, KI, son of
44. Feidlimidh Rectmar, KI, son of
45. Tuathal Tectmar, KI, son of
46. Fiacaidh Finnolaidh, KI, son of
47. Feradach Finn-fechtnach, KI, son of
48. Crimthann Niadh Nairi, KI, son of
49. Lugaidh Riabh-n-derg, KI, son of
50. Mac na d-Tri bh-Finn Emhna, son of
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