These three maps show the location of WINDECKEN in three different scales.

The first shows WINDECKEN's location in relation to the large cities of FRANKFURT AM MAIN, WIESBADEN, KOBLENZ, DARMSTADT, KASSEL, and W�RZBURG.


The second shows WINDECKEN's location in relation to the larger cities of BAD VILBEL, BAD HOMBURG VOR DER H�HE, and HANAU.


The third shows the location in relation to the smaller towns/villages in the area, SCH�NECK, OSTHEIM, NIDDERAU, and B�DESHEIM.


(This web site contains photos of German villages from which our Germanna ancestors immigrated.  The pictures were taken on John and Eleanor Blankenbaker's May, 2000, and May, 2002, visits to Germany and Austria.  To see the Photo Index click here, then click on the village in which you are interested.)

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