Discussion Lists for BROYLES, WILHITE, GERMANNA COLONIES, and other related groups/lists.
Discussion Lists for BROYLES, WILHITE, GERMANNA COLONIES, and other related groups.

(Please print this page for future reference. You will need it in order to subscribe and unsubscribe, and to retrieve lists of the various Discussion Lists.)

I have originated a Mail Server List for the BROYLES and WILHITE (WILHOIT) Families. For those of you not familiar with Family Lists, this is an area on the Internet where interested parties may exchange data and information, exchange ideas, ask for help in genealogy research, and provide information for others. In general, it is just a way of having a semi-private place to exchange information. Unlike the UseNet Groups, it is not a place where teen-age nerds (and sometimes adult nerds) will SPAM their unwanted junk, profanity, and obscenities. You may post on the Mail Server Lists in relative privacy -- so far I have not seen an unwanted e-mail "SPAM" on the Lists. If you respond to another user, it is preferable that you do so via private e-mail, unless what you post is applicable to all users, then you would repond back to the Mail Server List.

For help in learning about Mail Server Lists, how to use them, how to subscribe/unsubscribe, and other commands that you need to learn to successfully use the lists, go to The Listserver Help Page. This is a service provided by a list user who felt that others might benefit from some help. I strongly recommend that you visit this Help Page, as it will benefit you greatly in the future.

In addition to the Family Mail Server Lists, there are many STATE Roots areas available to you as a genealogy researcher. These are areas where people of a like mind may do the same things they do on the Mail Server Lists, except the audience is much larger. For instance, you can post to TNROOTS, asking for information on specific ancestors and all subscribers to TNROOTS will read your e-mail. If any researcher has the information you need, he/she can respond to you via private e-mail.

There is a new list called GERMANNA-COLONIES List. This is a discussion area for all who are interested in doing research on any of the immigrants (and their descendants) from either the First or Second Germanna Colony. This should prove invaluable to all.

To subscribe to the BROYLES Mailing List, click here. You don't need to type in a subject, or put anything in the body of the email. Just click and then "send".

To send email to the BROYLES List, send to BROYLES-L@rootsweb.com

(OOPS !!!!! I almost forgot, I also maintain Discussion Lists for the SURNAMES:  CULLOP, DURMAN, GAROUTTE, LOVETTE, WILHITE/WILHOIT, and WILKINSON, .)

(To subscribe to any of the above Lists, send me a personal message and tell me to which List you would like to subscribe.)

To subscribe to the GERMANNA_COLONIES Mailing List, click here. You don't need to type in a subject, or put anything in the body of the email. Just click and then "send".

To send email to the GERMANNA_COLONIES List, send to GERMANNA_COLONIES-L@rootsweb.com

You can receive lists of all the State, Family, & Other Lists located at RootsWeb, by logging on to the URL at RootsWeb Com, and clicking on the buttons at the top of the Home Page, for the various categories.

Once you subscribe to any list, you will receive a welcome message, which, among other things, will provide you with a list of commands for subscribing, unsubscribing, getting digests of previous e-mail posts from specific lists, finding out who is subscribed to specific lists, etc.

I hope you find the Family Lists and States Lists as useful as I have in doing genealogy research. This Family Lists and States Lists have been invaluable tools and provide much needed services.

Thanks go out to the folks at RootsWeb, for generously donating space for these Lists, and to Larry Stevens, who is a genious without peer. He started this whole "List" thing and has brought along his expertise to RootsWeb.

Since I maintain the BROYLES List, you may find it necessary to contact me from time to time about problems, questions, etc. concerning the lists. You may send e-mail to me at:


I check my mail several times a day and should be able to get back to you within 24 hours. Have fun and may your hunting be happy.

(I also maintain the CFT-WIN List, for Cumberland Family Tree for Windows genealogy program users, and can be reached at the same email address above for this list.)

George W. Durman
925 Kevin Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37923-2540
(Phone: (865)470-4853)

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