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Historical Maps of Germany, 1241-1877

This page contains some Historical German Maps that I found on
Ancestry.com, and other places on the web.

(I could have just given the URLs for the various pertinent maps, but some of them were not in the best of shape and I wanted to "tweak" them a little and do some cleaning up; that's why they are here on this web site.)

W�rttemberg Map, 1241-1809

Württemberg 1241-1809

This map shows W�rttemberg through the ages, from 1241 to 1809.  It starts with the Old County of W�rttemberg, under Ulrich I, 1241-1265; it shows acquisitions of 1495, 1789, 1800, 1803, 1805, 1806, 1809-30, and the Divisional Line of 1442; and, it shows insets of the County of Horb�rg, 1801, and the Principality of Montbeliard, 1801.
(File size:  950 x 149,  543,047 Bytes)

Nuremberg Map, 1858

Nuremberg 1858

This is a very detailed map of Nuremberg from 1858.  It shows churches, markets, museums, bridges, burial grounds, schools, libraries, government buildings, etc.  The map is very, very large and will take several minutes to download; however, if you need a detailed map of this city, it is well worth the time spent.
(File size:  1800 x 1360,  766,148 Bytes)

Germany Map at the Start of the 30-Year War, 1618

Germany Map at the Start of the 30-Year War 1618

A map showing what the area now known as Germany looked like at the start of the 30-Year War in 1618;  You can see the Ecclasiastical States in the Hands of Protestants, Dominions in the Hands of Catholics, Dominions in the Hands of Protestants, and the Dominions of the Two Branches of the House of Austria.  It was a fragmented area and ripe for the picking.
(File size:  800 x 642,  207,350 Bytes)

Germany-Italy Map, 1806

Germany-Italy Map 1806

This is a map showing what Italy and what is now Germany looked like in 1806.  You will notice that Italy is called The Kingdom of Italy.  What is now Germany was made up of many Kingdoms, Empires, Principalities, Dukedoms, etc., such as Prussia, Saxony, Hesse, Mecklenburg, Wurtemberg, The Thuringian States, The Helvetian Republic, and so on.  It was NOT Germany, yet!
(File size:  576 x 890,  195,546 Bytes)

Germany Map, 1801-1819

Germany Map 1801-1819

Germany as it looked from 1801 to 1819.  It shows the evolvement of the Bavarian Palatinate, Baden and its acquisitions, and the County of Sponheim.
(File size:  800 x 1203,  373,095 Bytes)

Germany Unification Map, 1815-1871 (Steps I and II)

Germany Unification Map 1815-1871

A map showing Steps I and II of the Unification of Germany from 1815 to 1834.  It includes the Prussian Customs-Union and accessions, the Bavarian and Wurtemberg Customs-Unions, the Central Germany Commercial-Union, and accessions to the Prussian-Hessian Customs-Union.  All of these, when unified, led to the Rise of the German "Zollverein" (Customs-Union) in 1834.
(File size:  685 x 550,  304,664 Bytes)

German Empire, 1866-1877 (Step III)

Germany Empire 1866-1877

Continuation of the Unification of Germany.  This shows Step III, which took place between 1866 and 1877.  It shows the areas known as the North German Federation, the States of the South German Federal Union, the members of the South German Federal Union, and the Imperial Territory of Alsace-Lorraine.  Finally, it shows the entire territory of the German Empire in 1877.
(File size:  709 x 500,  90,176 Bytes)

German Map Today, Showing L�nder (States)

Germany Today, with Staats

This shows present-day Germany, with its Staats (States).  Staat boundaries are shown in neon-green and Staat names are shown in red.  I hope that this will make it a little easier to get a better picture of the area of present-day Germany from where our Germanna ancestors immigrated.  For the most part, it is said that our ancestors came from the Palatinate, which can be said to encompass today's Staats of Baden-W�rttemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, the southern part of Hessen, and the southern part of Bayern.
(File size:  1492 x 1746,  263,616 Bytes)

If you wish to view the full-size map, LEFT-click on the graphic and the full sized picture will load on a new page.  (BEWARE !!!  The file sizes of some of these maps are extremely large.  In order to have the detail and resolution needed to satisfactorily view them, I have left the sizes at their original size.  You will have to scroll vertically and horizontally to see the entire maps on your computer screen.)

To download the file, after loading the full-sized picture, right-click on the image and choose "Save to Disk", "Save Image As", or whatever choice your web browser gives you.

To print and retain the high resolution (720 dpi), keep the file at its present size and use "Page Setup" in your graphics viewer to "center" the printout, "maintain aspect ratio", and "use full page".  On the ones that are taller than they are wide, I found they will print out very well on 8� x 14 paper, in "portrait mode".

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