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This page contains photographs take by my Uncle, Glenn D. BROYLES, at the Hebron Lutheran Church near Germanna, in the summer of 1997.  (The church is 3 miles north of Madison, VA, next to the Robinson River.  It is across the fields from E. A. Clore and Sons furniture factory.)

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Hebron Lutheran Church Photos

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Hebron Lutheran Church Sign

This is the sign in front of the Hebron Lutheran Church in Germanna.  Note that the church was established in 1717 and the actual building was built in 1740.

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Exterior of Hebron Lutheran Church

This is an exterior shot of the church.

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Interior of the Hebron Lutheran Church

A photo of the interior of the church.  You can read about the church organ, assignment of the pews, rennovation of the interior, etc., in several of John Blankenbaker's "Short Notes on Germanna History".  (This link takes you to the Notes, where you may Search for pages containing the information.) You may also read an excellent article about the organ on this page.

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Hebron Lutheran Church Cemetery

This is a picture of the Hebron Lutheran Church Cemetery.  Note the beautiful hand-constructed rock wall around the cemetery.  Also, if you look closely, you can see the name CRIGLER on the tombstone closest to the foreground.

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Picture of BROYLES Tombstone in the Hebron Lutheran Church Cemetery

This is another picture of the Hebron Lutheran Church Cemetery, showing a BROYLES tombstone.  I don't know which particular BROYLES is buried here, as I don't have a photo of the front side.

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