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Germanna Queries

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DATE: 31 Aug 1996
NAME: Clarice Jane Snyder
QUERY: My Germanna name is HOLTZCLAW. I have Enoch and Adaline, Indiana census 1850, New Albany, Floyd Co. Son James Holsclaw born that year is my Ggrandfather.

DATE: 2 Sep 1996
NAME: Keith Starcher
QUERY: STARCHER/STATZER/STRATZER/STAATS, 1700's, perhaps arrived in Philadelphia in 1759.

DATE: 17 Sep 1996
NAME: Wendy Dolphay
QUERY: I am working on locating proof of lineage of Maximilian Rector (Richter), born in 1750's in Va... in Botetourt co during the Revolution, and to Grainger co, Tenn by 1805 or so. Died in McMinn co, Tenn in 1850. Sorry, probably have some of these dates off a bit. His son, Silas Rector married Agnes Grice in 1822 in Lincoln co, NC, to McMinn co in the 1830's and to La Clede co, Missouri between 1850 to 1854. Would love to find proof of Silas' death, said to have been burnt out by bushwhackers. To the best of my knowledge, Max does not show up in any of the published Germanna records, so this will have to rely on "original' stuff.

DATE: 21 Sep 1996
NAME: Karen Watts
QUERY: I am interested in John Henry Huffman m. to Anna Haegar, 2nd wife Maria Halg. JHH b. circa 1675 and died Culpepper Co. circa 1772, said to have come to VA circa 1714. Am interested in son Frederick Huffman. I have much on descendants of Frederick.

DATE: September 23, 1996
NAME: Patti Ashcraft
QUERY: RECTOR, HITT, FISHBACH, HEIMBACH, BECKER, OTTERBACH, STEULL. Interested in these families. Will share information.

DATE: 20 Oct 1996
NAME: Keith Starcher
QUERY: I'm new at this, but am looking for the European roots of the STARCHER/STATZER surname. My ancestors are from W.Va/Va and apparently came to Va from Pa. But I don't have any proof prior to Pa. Thanks.

DATE: 22 Oct 1996
NAME: Tom Deeter
QUERY: Peter WEAVER B: abt 1700 in Germany D: 1763 in Culpeper Co. VA Like to have any descendants of Peter. Have some info on the family that would be willing to share.

DATE: 31 Oct 1996
NAME: Mary Shelton
QUERY: Searching for information on the Cornelius HUTZ family of Kentucky. Cornelius Hutz married Nancy Burnett circa 1840, possibly in Trigg County. Their daugher Nancy B. Hutz (Hutts) was born March 13, 1844. Interested in the Hutz surname, in tracing this family from their origin in Germany to the US. Does anyone have information on this group?

DATE: 5 November 1996
NAME: Jeff Aylor
QUERY: AYLOR - looking for any Aylor info, in particular Anthony Aylor of Augusta/Rockingham Co. VA and possible ties to Germanna.

DATE 1-7-97
QUERY: Interested in finding info regarding a Daniel Snyder who died c.1834 in Rappahannock Co., Va. Especially, interested in the maiden name of his wife, Nancy.

DATE: 1-7-97
QUERY: Looking for someone in Va. who has been actively researching the Aylor family in Va. I have info & willing to exchange regarding Aylor family that migrated to Boone Cty. Ky. c.1810-11. Bob England, Hebron, Ky.

DATE: 7 Jan 1997
NAME: Mary Martin
QUERY: CAMPBELL / CLORE: George Campbell married Mary Clore in 1807 in Madison Co., VA. Mary Clore's parents were Peter Clore and Mary Fray. Who were the parents of George Campbell? George and Mary Clore Campbell had a son John Walker Campbell who married Elizabeth Jane Browning. Who were other children of George and Mary Campbell? Mary

DATE: 8 Jan 1997
NAME: William E. Dofflemyer
QUERY: The earliest Dofflemyer that I know of who came to America was probably Johannes Taffelmeyer. Johannes was born about 1709 and baptized on October 20, 1719 in Oberlennigen. He came to America with a group of immigrants from the Rhein Phalz region of Germany who referred to themselves as the "42 Paletines." They sailed from Rotterdam on a ship named the Pleasant and landed in Philadelphia on October 11, 1732. My understanding is that Johannes moved to the newly Germanna area of western Virginia. I am looking for any information that I can get about any of the above: ship named the Pleasant, the "42 Paletines," and the Taffelmeyer (Dofflemyer, etc.) name.

My great grandfather was Isaac Dofflemyer. Isaac Dofflemyer, born on April 1, 1821 in Rockingham County, Virginia, was perhaps the sixth generation of Dofflemyers in the Rockingham County area of Virginia. His parents, Henry Dofflemyer and Elizabeth (Snyder) Dofflemyer, moved with several children from the western portion of Virginia to Van Buren County, Iowa about 1840. Information on Isaac or Henry Dofflemyer would also be much appreciated.

DATE: 9 Jan 1997
NAME: Gordon Bonnet
QUERY: I'm looking for information on the ancestry of Benjamin Huffman, b. ca. 1780 probably in Pennsylvania or Virginia. Benjamin came to Greene Co., Pa., where he married Sarah Wood ca. 1805. A fairly unreliable source says that Benjamin's parents were George and Ann Huffman of Germany; I think the "of Germany" part (at least) is wrong, and that it's more likely that he was from the Germanna Huffmans (his parents _may_ have been George and Ann,but I've never been able to place them in known Huffman families). Any help appreciated, including information on Benjamin's wife Sarah Wood. Also trying to connect Huffmans who lived in Greene Co., Pennsylvania (esp. Benjamin Huffman, b. 1779, m. Sarah Wood) to known Germanna Colony Huffman lines. Thanks...Gordon
Gordon Bonnet
87 West Main Street
Trumansburg NY 14886

DATE: 10 Jan 1997
NAME: Carolyn Frazee
QUERY: Searching for Matthias HOUSE, Jr., b. ca 1767 in VA.; marr. Susanna FLOYD 10 Jan. 1792 in the Hebron Lutheran Church. Is John Floyd her brother?

DATE: Feb 12, 1997
NAME: William R. Kemp
QUERY: I would like to know if there was a KEMP among the Germanna Colonists and any information available.

DATE: 01March 1997
NAME: Steven Rector
QUERY: Looking for the parents of an Elijah Rector(b1797-d.1878). In 1830 he was a resident of Mcminn Co., Tennessee. He moved to Marshall County, Alabama between 1835 and 1840. I believe that he may have been\ a son of Maximillian Rector because he lived next to him in McMinn Co. and also because he named his son Maximillian(born c.1843). he also had two daughters: Vesta(b.1835) and Chloe(b.1841). On the 1850 Census he lists his place of birth as Tennessee. Any help would be appreciated.

DATE: 9 Apr 1997
NAME: Marie Sampey Hvezda
QUERY: I am looking for ancestors and descendants of Jacob KEPLINGER and his son Martin KEPLINGER. They were both born in Germany. Jacob emigrated in 1760 and lived in Fredricktown, MD. Martin married Rebecca WILSON who was b 1771 near Fredricktown, MD. Martin died in 1828 in Uniontown, Fayette County, PA area, and Rebecca died in Louden Twp., Carroll County OH.

DATE: 13 May 1997
NAME: Monte Buzzard
QUERY: The "South Branch Manor" is mentioned in the ALT TO WELTON DEED which was dated March 1779. I recently found the South Branch Manor mentioned on an old map. It was located in what is now Grant and Hardy County but was originally located in Hampshire County in the 1770's (that was before the creation of Grant and Hardy County). Do you know anything about the South Branch Manor?
Primary families that I am researching: BUZZARD, ALT AND AULT
Thanks in advance.

DATE: May 22, 1997
NAME: Gene Whitley
QUERY: I would like to know if anyone has in their records a Charles RECTOR b. 29 Sep 1833 d. 04 Jun 1898 in Warren Co., KY. He is buried in the GOODNIGHT Cem on the present day farm of B. M. Smith. I have no further information, but the fact that he is buried in a family cemetary ( I am related to the GOODNIGHTS on my paternal line, and to the RECTOR family on my maternal side) has me curious. I did not know of contact between the two sides in Kentucky.

DATE: 5-22-97
NAME: Scott Harlow
QUERY: Would like to know of any recent info regarding Andreas Bollinger (Andrew Ballenger) of the 1717 Germanna group. Earlier searches suggested he remained single but perhaps had two bros. Any progress made in finding out whatever happended to him after the 'settlement' of the suit against Gov. Spotswood?

DATE: 25 May 1997
NAME: Carolyn Frazee
QUERY: TANNER family-Ephraim married Susannah HOUSE 1801 Madison Co., VA. She b. 1784 Culpeper Co., VA. d. 1870 Boone Co., KY. His father-Frederick F. TANNER mother-Maria______ Mildred (Milly) TANNER marr. John HOUSE. She b. 1803 VA., d. 1823 Boone Co. KY. Father was Frederick TANNER; mother Mary ROUSE Susannah TANNER b. 1777 married Jacob HOUSE b. 1774 Her father was Christopher TANNER 1750-1781; mother Margaret COOK Any infor. on TANNERs appreciated.

DATE: 25 May 1997
NAME: Carolyn Frazee
QUERY: Confirmation on and further infor. on HOLTZCLAW family. Jacob married Salome (Sally) HOUSE who was b. 1776 Culpeper Co., VA.; d. Boone Co., KY. Marr. Dec. 1796 Jacob's father-Joseph; mother-Elizabeth Zimmerman. Need b. & d. dates, where b. & d. etc. for Jacob.

DATE: May 29, 1997
NAME: Martha Leese
QUERY: Interested in information on Christopher Guise (Guice or Gist), believed to have been associated with Germanna Colony. Later went to Mississippi Territory. He was married to Margaret Plowhead.

DATE: June 16, 1997
NAME: Linda Collingwood
QUERY: I am interested in any information on the John Kemper family of Spotsylvania...My father is William Henry Camper...we have been told that for our family Kemper was changed to Camper...thank you for your help.

DATE: July 29, 1997
NAME: Lisa Olinger
QUERY: UTZ family genealogy in my possession. Records UTZ family, TANNER, CARPENTERS, some HOUSE, WILLIAMS, CASTLEMAN, and CLEGG families in Boone Co. Kentucky and in Virginia. My grandmother was an UTZ and my grandfather's family has an UTZ or two also. Many members of the Hebron Lutheran Church of Boone Co. are listed. Would love to hear from others who might have more information. I live near the Fort Wayne, IN genealogical library. Would be happy to follow leads that might help us all. Thanks, Lisa Olinger

DATE: July 30, 1997
NAME: Terry Flinders
QUERY: I'm researching my surname FLINDERS(present day spelling) and have learned that when my forefathers came to USA the spelling was FLENDER. I believe I am a descendant of Johannes Daniel FLENDER who landed in Port of Philadelphia in 1753 aboard the John and Elizabeth. He and family settled in Fredericks County Maryland and moved on to York County Pennsylvania about 1766 and on to Franklin County Pennsylvania. Johannes Daniel Flender b/10/27/1721 Siegen-Boschgotthardtshutte, Germany No info on wife
Anna Katarina FLENDER..b/10/18/1745
Elisabeth FLENDER......b/02/17/1748
Johann Daniel FLENDER..b/09/10/1750

DATE: August 8, 1997
NAME: Terry Flinders
QUERY: My Germanna name is FLENDER. I believe my Johannes FLENDER/FLINDER and family entered Port of Philadelphia 1754 aboard the John and Elizabeth. His family lived in Frederick County Maryland before moving on to Franklin County Pennsylvania. Any info on the FLENDER/FLINDER surname is appreciated. Thank you.

DATE: August 24, 2997
NAME: Bob Carpenter
QUERY: August 24, 1997; Bob Carpenter; Looking for the origin of Michael CARPENTER, and the maiden name and origin of his wife Elizabeth. Michael lived at Stepstone in what is now Bath County, KY, in 1788. He died in Bath County in 1834, she died in Bath in 1835. Their youngest son Harvey used the name Zimmerman on at least one occasion in a real estate transaction. Any leads would be appreciated.

DATE: August 29, 1997
NAME: Betty Brubach
QUERY: I am interested in learning of all lines of the 1714 Germanna immigrant, John Kemper as I have just found my line from John Kemper >John Kemper II >John Kemper IIi>Rodham Kemper>Frances Virginia Kemper>Mary Ashby Gibbons>William Burbridge Yancey>Mildred Mason Yancey>Elizabeth Yancey Brown (now Betty Brubach- me). If you have knowledge of other lines and or more info on ancestors of my line please contact me. My telephone # is (804) 985-4832. Snail mail address is: 1088 Middle River Road, Stanardsville, VA 22973.

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