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Rootsweb/Ancestry hosts GenConnect Boards for SURNAMES, Counties, States, etc.  These Boards are similar to Mailing Lists, except that the messages posted on the Boards remain indefinitely.  The Boards are a great place for posting queries and data, that are of a long-term nature. If you haven't tried them out yet, click below to see what is happening.

(Important Notice:  Queries (questions) about BROYLES/BRILES research, and any replies to such, may be posted ONLY to the "Query" Category.  The other Categories are ONLY for posting DATA, that is, providing information, NOT asking questions, for the specific Category.  If you see something posted, say, an Obituary or a Will, and if you have questions about it, click on Reply and make sure you choose the "Query" Category.)

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(We also maintain related Boards for WILHITE and WILHOIT, and GERMANNA COLONIES.)

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