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My complete family tree includes about 15,000 names. More than half of those people are known to be dead and are descibed in these Web pages. You can use this page to search by name for any people in the Web pages. People in the family tree who are not known to be dead or who were born less than 90 years ago are not described on the Web pages to protect their privacy. You can send me email if you have questions about the people who were not described here.

Special thanks to Robert Gentrner for hosting this page on his web server.

Enter a name (one to four words or partial words) and click the Search button. You will receive a list of all people whose names contain the words you entered. The order of words does not matter. For example, if you enter der gentner, you will find people named both Derek Gentner and Theresa Gentner {Seider} [note the "der" in Seider].

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