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I often get notes from people asking how they can get started in genealogy. Here are a couple of very important suggestions.

Computer programs can be very helpful for organizing your family tree. I have a Macintosh computer and use a set of HyperCard programs that I wrote myself. Although I find these programs very powerful and helpful, they weren't designed for use by other people and I do not recommend them for anyone else. I believe the best genealogy program for the Macintosh is Reunion. I am not familiar with the PC, so I can't make a suggestion for PC users.

General sources for Genealogy Research

There are public libraries in most areas with specialized genealogy collections. Ask your friendly local librarian.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon church, has a fantastic collection of genealogical materials at its library in Salt Lake City, and they are very generous about lending these materials out thru their Family History Centers. Much of my research was based on microfilmed records that I borrowed thru the local Family History Center (Thank you!). You will also find classes and other people interested in genealogy at these centers. Look up the local church in the phone book and ask them the location of the nearest Family History Center. In addition to their Family History Centers, many of the genealogy resources from the Mormon church are now available online from their web site.

The Web is a fantastic source of family history information. Here are some of my favorites:

Other People Researching These Families

I have especially enjoyed the social side of family history research. Genealogists are usually delightful people and happy to share their work with you. If you are interested in one of the families listed below, feel free to contact the associated person for more information.

Claude Alff - [email protected] See his web site on Alff genealogy
Larry Baird - [email protected]
George Lee - [email protected] George wrote the excellent book " The Beaubiens of Chicago" in 1973. It is available again directly from George as a set of MS Word and PDF files on a CD-ROM. The files can be viewed on both PCs and Macs. Send email to George Lee for more information.
Brenda Pierson - [email protected]
Ralph “Bud” Collins - [email protected]
Alice Lynne and John Boydstun - [email protected]
Charlie Boydstun - [email protected] (he maintains a great Boydstun genealogy site)
Families in the Huron county, Michigan
Robert Hoshide - [email protected] - He is researching all families from Ss. Peter & Paul parish in Ruth and St. Mary parish in Parisville.
Len Fettig - [email protected] If you are interested in this family, be sure to check his Fettig Connections site.
My Gentner Home Page includes a list of Gentner genealogists.
Matthew and Ellen Gerwitz - [email protected]
Jean Peterson Rosenkranz - [email protected]
Joan F. Leber - [email protected] She is author of the Huffman Family Home Page
Ann Oelheim - [email protected]
Andy Olson - [email protected]
Joe Shubert - [email protected]
Ron Ohlfs - [email protected]
Connie Wallace - [email protected] (including related Québec families)
Victor Meyer - [email protected] - maintains the Meyer-Braswell Family Tree
Paul Doherty - [email protected]
Clayton Nenno - [email protected]
Tom McFarland - He maintains a web site on the descendants of John Nicholas Nenno
Brenda Pierson - [email protected]
Bob Scharf - [email protected]
Dan Murray - [email protected]
Bill Schweickert - [email protected]
Rich Weyand - [email protected] (see his genealogy web site)
Mike McNally - [email protected]
Smith (the branch of the Smith family appearing on this web site)
Alice Lynne and John Boydstun - [email protected]
Lynn Zimmerman - [email protected]
Carolyn Kelly - [email protected]


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