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Gentner Genealogy

Ancestor Charts

This site includes ancestor charts for several families that I have researched. Click on a person below to view their ancestor chart. In addition, when you are viewing descriptions of people and see the ancestor chart symbol , you can click on the symbol and be taken to the place where that person occurs in these charts. Some of the branches in these charts go back to people born in the 1700s or 1600s. Germany was just emerging from the Dark Ages in the 1700s, and there were not many systematic records kept before that time.

This site includes charts for my grandparents, Frank Clemens Gentner (1885-1986) [27] and Florence Margaret Brooks (1891-1975) [28] of Springville, New York and John Edward Winter (1879-1942) [68] and Florence Barbara Jones (1881-1935) [69] of Langford, New York. There are also charts for Judith’s ancestors, Samuel David Stewart (1903-1973) [526] and Daphn Smith (Living) [525], who lived in Norman, Oklahoma and Los Angeles, California.

I have traced several Gentner families who left Wiesental, Germany and settled in America. You will find ancestor charts here for Peter Gentner (1879-1946) [6910] of Springville, New York and Anton Gentner (1873-1946) [6254] of West Valley and Springville, New York. Three Gentner brothers from Wiesental settled in the “thumb” of Michigan. They are represented with a chart for the oldest brother, Franz Anton “Anthony” Gentner (1837-1913) [7826].

Finally, I’ve included charts for a set of interrelated German Catholic families who settled near Springville and Langford, New York: Mary Alff (1864-1935) [74], Joseph Boardway (1866-1944) [263], Louise Mahl (1876-1955) [160], Harlie Rider (1875-1940) [9997], Peter Salzler (1851-1936) [372], Paul Scharf (1892-1944) [7429], Camille Schumacher (1876-1968) [5297], Raymond Schweickert (1900-1961)[246], and Wilhelmina Seider (1864-1951) [365].

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Prepared by Don Gentner - 24 Jun 2002