Descendants of John Davidson and Tabitha Return


Descendants of John DAVIDSON Sr.

First Generation

1.   John DAVIDSON Sr. was born 1728 in near, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. He died 1801 in Union County, South Carolina.
John married Tabitha on 1755/1760. Tabitha died 1812.
They had the following children:
          2    M    i.   Joseph DAVIDSON.
Joseph married Mary PARK.
     +    3    M    ii.  John DAVIDSON was born 1761 and died
     +    4    F    iii. Jean DAVIDSON.
     +    5    F    iv.  Elizabeth DAVIDSON was born 1761 and
died 1835.
     +    6    M    v.   William DAVIDSON Lived Illinois.
          7    M    vi.  James DAVIDSON.
     +    8    F    vii. Mary Margaret "Polly" DAVIDSON was born
1771 and died 1844.
     +    9    M    viii.     Samuel DAVIDSON Lived Illinois.

Second Generation

3.   John DAVIDSON (John) was born 1761 in near, . Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. He died 1856 in Jasper County, Georgia.
John married unknown.
They had the following children:
     +    10   M    i.   Robert DAVIDSON was born 1790/1801 and
died 1847.
     +    11   F    ii.  Mary DAVIDSON was born 1792.
     +    12   F    iii. Margaret DAVIDSON was born 1801.
     +    13   F    iv.  Jane DAVIDSON was born 1803.
     +    14   M    v.   David DAVIDSON was born 1808 and died
     +    15   M    vi.  John DAVIDSON was born 1812.

4.   Jean DAVIDSON (John).
Jean married James PARK about 1750. James died 1828.
They had the following children:
          16   M    i.   James PARK.
          17   M    ii.  Joseph PARK.
          18   M    iii. George PARK.
          19   M    iv.  Thomas PARK.
          20   M    v.   Ephraim PARK.
          21   F    vi.  Margaret PARK.

5.   Elizabeth DAVIDSON (John) was born 1761. She died 1835.
Elizabeth married John LEEPER. John was born 1757 in Augusta
County, Vriginia. He died 1804.
They had the following children:
          22   M    i.   Andrew LEEPER was born 1784. He died
Andrew married Margaret PARK. Margaret was born 1787. She died

6.   William DAVIDSON Lived Illinois (John).
William married Elizabeth MAYES cou to Eliz, daughter of Thomas
MAYES and Jean RUTHERFORD, on Mar 1795 in Union County, South
They had the following children:
          23   F    i.   Jane DAVIDSON was born 1796 in South
Carolina. She died 1853.
Jane married William FIELDS.
          24   F    ii.  Elizabeth DAVIDSON.
Elizabeth married Samuel DELLISTON.
          25   M    iii. John DAVIDSON was born 1803. He died
John married (1) Rhonda Allice TRAVIS. Rhonda died 1832.
John also married (2) Elizabeth DENNEL. Elizabeth was born 1815.
John also married (3) Mary CAMPBELL. Mary was born 1812.
          26   M    iv.  Thomas DAVIDSON was born 1806 in South
Carolina. He died 1891 in Illinois.
Thomas married Celia HOWARD. Celia was born 1814. She died 1879.
          27   M    v.   William DAVIDSON II was born 1810. He
died 1855.
William married Melissa W CAMPBELL. Melissa was born 1814. She
died 1879.
          28        vi.  Jacky DAVIDSON was born 1812. Jacky died
          29   F    vii. Mary DAVIDSON was born 1815. She died
Mary married Alfred G. DEBRULER.

8.   Mary Margaret "Polly" DAVIDSON (John) was born 1771. She
died 1844.
Mary married Gilbert SHAW on 10 Oct 1791. Gilbert was born 1757.
He died 1842.
They had the following children:
          30   M    i.   Thomas SHAW.
          31   F    ii.  Sarah SHAW.
          32   M    iii. John SHAW.
          33   M    iv.  William SHAW.
          34   M    v.   George SHAW.
          35   F    vi.  Mary SHAW.
          36   M    vii. Watson SHAW.
          37   F    viii.     Tabitha SHAW was born 1809.
          38   F    ix.  Elizabeth "Betsy" SHAW.

9.   Samuel DAVIDSON Lived Illinois (John).
Samuel married Elizabeth MAYES cou to Eliz, daughter of Mr. MAYES
and Ms RUTHERFORD, about 1795 in Union County, South Caroliina.
They had the following children:
          39   M    i.   John DAVIDSON was born 1796. He died
John married Sarah TRAVIS. Sarah was born 1801. She died 1859.
          40   F    ii.  Polly DAVIDSON was born 1798. She died
Polly married Mr. TRAVIS.
          41   F    iii. Sarah DAVIDSON was born 1801. She died
Sarah married Tom TRAVIS.
          42   F    iv.  Margaret DAVIDSON.
          43   M    v.   Andrew DAVIDSON was born 1805. He died
Andrew married Assenith R.
          44   F    vi.  Nancy DAVIDSON was born 1807.
          45   F    vii. Eleanor DAVIDSON was born 1809. She died
Eleanor married Abraham BLACK.
          46   F    viii.     Cynthia DAVIDSON was born 1811. She
died 1835.
          47   F    ix.  Elizabeth DAVIDSON was born 1813. She
died 1833.
          48   M    x.   Baxter W. DAVIDSON was born 1817.
Baxter married (1) Elizabeth HARBAUGH.
Baxter also married (2) Lovina LASH.

Third Generation

10.  Robert DAVIDSON (John, John) was born 1790/1801 in of,
Jasper County, Georgia. He died 1847 in Jasper County, Georgia.
Robert married Elizabeth MITCHELL, daughter of Richard MITCHELL
and Elizabeth "Betsy" MORGAN, on 20 Dec 1821 in Jasper County,
Georgia. Elizabeth was born 11 Mar 1804 in Virginia. She died
about 1866 in Jasper County, Georgia.
They had the following children:
     +    49   F    i.   Talitha Jane DAVIDSON was born 1837 and
died 6 Apr 1906.
          50   F    ii.  Ann DAVIDSON.
          51   F    iii. Emily DAVIDSON.
          52   F    iv.  Martha C. DAVIDSON.
          53   F    v.   Josephine R. DAVIDSON.
          54   M    vi.  Augustus Lafayette DAVIDSON.
          55   M    vii. John M. DAVIDSON.
          56   M    viii.     Robert J. DAVIDSON.

11.  Mary DAVIDSON (John, John) was born 1792.
Mary married Samuel SMITH on 16 Mar 1818 in Morgan County,
They had the following children:
          57   M    i.   Samuel SMITH Jr.

12.  Margaret DAVIDSON (John, John) was born 1801 in Georgia.
Margaret married Drury S. PATTERSON, son of Francis PATTERSON and
Amelia "Milly" HEARD, on 5 Apr 1825 in Jasper County, Georgia.
Drury was born 1 Aug 1798 in Wilkes County, Georgia. He died 27
Jan 1887 in Butts County, Georgia.
They had the following children:
          58   M    i.   John F. PATTERSON.
          59   M    ii.  David W. PATTERSON.
          60   M    iii. James Young PATTERSON.
          61   F    iv.  Mary Jane PATTERSON.
          62   M    v.   William M. PATTERSON.

13.  Jane DAVIDSON (John, John) was born 1803.
Jane married Moses CHAFFIN on 3 Dec 1820 in Jasper County,
Georgia. Moses was born before 1800.
They had the following children:
          63   M    i.   John CHAFFIN was born 1832.
          64   M    ii.  Nathan CHAFFIN was born 1835.
          65   F    iii. Sarah CHAFFIN. 
          66   M    iv.  William CHAFFIN.
          67   M    v.   Charles CHAFFIN.

14.  David DAVIDSON (John, John) was born 1808 in Georgia. He
died 1884 in live, Long Cane, Troup County, Georgia.
David married Susan Caroline "Carey" ( ? ). Susan was born
1815/1816. She died 1894.
They had the following children:
     +    68   M    i.   William R. DAVIDSON was born 1835 and
died 1891.
          69   M    ii.  John P. DAVIDSON was born 1837. He died
1864 in Civil War.
          70   M    iii. Augustus Lafayette DAVIDSON was born
1839. He died 1843.
          71   M    iv.  Thomas B. DAVIDSON was born 1842. He
died 1843.
          72   F    v.   Timney Elizabeth DAVIDSON was born 1844.
She died 1916.
Timney married John David BEATY.
          73   F    vi.  Lucinda Margaret DAVIDSON was born 1846.
She died 1919.
Lucinda married C. E. CURTIS.
          74   F    vii. Mary Ellin DAVIDSON was born 1848. She
died 1900.
          75   F    viii.     Susan Frances DAVIDSON was born
1853. She died 1946.
Susan married William Robert BRADFIELD.
          76   M    ix.  Adolphus Talmadge DAVIDSON was born
1856. He died 1881.
          77   M    x.   Watson Cummings DAVIDSON was born 1851.
He died 1930.
Watson married Sarah "Sallie" Jemima POTTS, daughter of James
Monroe POTTS and Martha Rebecca HILL. Sarah was born 1854. She
died 1916.

15.  John DAVIDSON (John, John) was born 1812 in Georgia.
John married Elizabeth P. MCKEE on 8 Sep 1836 in Jasper County,
They had the following children:
          78   M    i.   James A. DAVIDSON was born 1837. He died
          79   M    ii.  David Lewis DAVIDSON was born 1841. He
died 1862.
          80   M    iii. Thomas B. DAVIDSON was born 1839. He
died 1879.
          81   F    iv.  Nancy Riley DAVIDSON was born 1843. She
died 1914 in Jasper County, Alabama.
Nancy married Thomas George BLACKWELL. Thomas was born 1867. He
died 1927.
          82   F    v.   Sara DAVIDSON was born 1845.
Sara married Henry DIAMOND.
          83   F    vi.  Fanine DAVIDSON was born 1847. She died
          84        vii. Pernie DAVIDSON was born 1849. Pernie
died 1925.
          85   M    viii.     Arthur A. DAVIDSON was born 1851.
He died 1854.
          86   F    ix.  Curren B. DAVIDSON was born 1853.
Curren married Richard GEIGHER.
          87   F    x.   Emily G. DAVIDSON was born 1855. She
died 1873.
          88   F    xi.  Dora H. DAVIDSON was born 1857.
Dora married Lonnie WILBURN.
          89   M    xii. John C. DAVIDSON was born 1857.
John married Mattie O. PRESTON.
     +    90   M    xiii.     Benjamin McCullough DAVIDSON was
born 1862 and died 1924.

Fourth Generation

49.  Talitha Jane DAVIDSON (Robert, John, John) was born 1837 in
Jasper County, Georgia. She died 6 Apr 1906 in Macon County,
Georgia and was buried in Edwards Cemetery, Jasper County,
Talitha married George Samuel GARRETT on 12 Dec 1852 in Jasper
County, Georgia. George was born about 1829 in Jasper County,
Georgia. He died 20 May 1876 in Jasper County, Georgia and was
buried in Edwards Cemetery, Jasper County, Georgia.
They had the following children:
          91   M    i.   Robert M. GARRETT was born 1856 in
Jasper County, Georgia. He died 1900 in Eastman, Georgia and was
buried in Mt Zion Church.
          92   M    ii.  Samuel Wilber GARRETT was born May 1858
in Jasper County, Georgia. He died Nov 1920 in Eastman, Georgia
and was buried in Orphan's Cemetery.
          93   F    iii. Sarah M. GARRETT was born 1861 in Jasper
County, Georgia.
          94   M    iv.  Walter William GARRETT was born 1 Jan
1870 in Jasper County, Georgia.
68.  William R. DAVIDSON (David, John, John) was born 1835. He
died 1891.
William married Mary B.. Mary was born 1840 in Georgia. She died
18 Dec 1889 in West Point, Georgia.
They had the following children:
          95   F    i.   Martha C. "Mattie" DAVIDSON was born Nov
Martha married Charles J. JUHAN on 7 Feb 1884 in West Point,
Troup County, Georgia. Charles was born in Carrollton,
Pickens/Carroll County, Georgia. He died before 1901.
          96   M    ii.  John Sidney DAVIDSON was born 1860. He
died 1932.
          97   M    iii. Major Robert Emmett DAVIDSON was born in
Troup County, Georgia. He died in moved to Marion County,
Robert married unknown.
          98   F    iv.  (Frances E.?) DAVIDSON.
          99   M    v.   Son DAVIDSON.
          100  M    vi.  David Elmo DAVIDSON was born 5 May 1868
in La grange, Georgia. He died 19 Jan 1940 in Florida.
David married Louise B. HARRISON. Louise was born in of Florida.
90.  Benjamin McCullough DAVIDSON (John, John, John) was born
1862. He died 1924 in Jasper County, Alabama.
Benjamin married lillian AIKEN.
They had the following children:
          101  F    i.   Inez DAVIDSON.
          102  F    ii.  Mabel DAVIDSON.
          103  M    iii. Rufus B. DAVIDSON was born 1893 in Shady
Dale. He died 1941 in Rockville, Indiana.
          104  M    iv.  Tye DAVIDSON.
          105  M    v.   Fred DAVIDSON.

Appendix A  -  Notes

3.  John DAVIDSON Sr.
Anna Gayle DAVIDSON McClure
John Davidson, a Revolutionary Soldier, was born in PA.  He moved
with his family to SC before the Revolution.  In 1777, he
enlisted at Union District, SC -- and was a 16 year old private.
John was wounded at the "Battle of Cowpens" in SC by a sword to
his head and right hand.  After a medical discharge for one month, 
he returned to service and fought in numerous battles.

His war pension states that he resided in Union District, SC
after the war -- then he moved to Greene County, GA -- then to
Morgan County, GA -- and then to Jasper, County, GA.  (Shady Dale
area.) His pension application shows that 
in 1834 he lived in Jasper County.  It also has him listed as a
resident of Georgia for 37 years.  On April 29, 1834 (at 73 years
old), he applied for a war pension and on July 1, 1834 his
pension started.  He lived to be 95 years old.  John won land in
a couple of GA land lotteries.  I think that is how 
some of his grown children ended up living in various GA counties
(i.e.: Troup County, GA)

John Davidson's children. Most of their marriages were in Jasper
County. John was an American Revolutionary Soldier who was born
in PA. His family moved to SC before the war and after the was he
moved to Jasper County, GA.

John was 93 and living in Jasper County, Georgia at the time he
applied for his pension. 

Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Volume
1: A - E,  Abstracted by Virgil D. White,  
Published by The National Historical Publishing Company
Waynesboro, Tennessee 1990.  Page 887, 
"Davidson, John, S31639, BLW #26173-160-55, SC Line, appl 24 Jan
1833 Jasper Cty GA, sol was b in 1761 in PA and lived in Union
Dist SC at enl, sol appl for BLW 9 Apr 1855 Jasper Cty GA aged 93
and stated he had no wife or minor children." 

"Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution" by
Bobby Gilmer Moss; Limestone College; 1st printing 1983; 2nd
printing 1985; publisher Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland; 
Library of Congress Cat. Card No 82-83584; International Standard
Book No. 0-8063-1005-7;  B
LWT- Bounty Land Warrant; A.A. = Annuity 
(Pension,etc.): "At 16 years old, August 1777, he enlisted in
Union District (South Carolina) in a company under Capt. Robert
Faris and Col. Brandon and was active against the Tories.  His
unit joined Pickens and marched to the frontier.  From 12 May
1780 to January 1783, he served under Capt. Robert Montgomery and
Col. Brandon. He was in numerous engagements and was wounded in
the head and right hand by a sabre in the battle at Cowpens. He
later moved to Georgia."

Anna Gayle 
John Davidson is the 4th great grandfather of Lynda Eller (AL),
Les Wilkes (GA), and me (FL>CO), Anna Gayle


I have lately come to the knowledge of a venerable Revolutionary patriot and a devoted soldier 
of the Cross, who died some months ago, in Georgia.  I have seen no obituary notice of him and 
his name should be rescued from oblivion for the benefit of posterity.  Mr. John Davidson, a 
ruling elder of the Presbyterian, died in Jasper County, Georgia on the 14th of January last, 
aged about ninety-six years.  This aged man was the great grandfather of Mr. R. B. F. Key of 
Gordon, Clark County, Ark.  He was born in Pennsylvania of Scotch-Irish parentage.  He spent his 
prime of life in South Carolina, removed afterwards to Georgia and resided successfully in Greene 
and Morgan Counties and finally in Jasper County where he died.  At the age of sixteen years, his 
father yielded to his earnest request, and allowed him to join the Revolutionary army.  He fought 
bravely in several of the battles in South Carolina, received three severe wounds at the Battle 
of Cowpens, the honorable scars of which he carried to his grave.  He was an eminently pious man.  
His great themes were the Bible, the revolutionary war, and civil and religious liberty.  My last 
interview with this venerable father, was a meeting of the Synod of Georgia, at Greensboro a few 
years ago.  He greatly rejoiced at the progress of religion, and enjoyed the religious services 
and ecclesiastical proceedings of the Synod, perhaps more than anyone present, although at the age 
of ninety years.  He gave me on that occasion, one of the most graphic descriptions of the Battle 
of Camden, to which I have ever listened, in which struggle he largely participated.  The old 
soldier literally "shouldered his cane, and fought his battle o'er again."  He was a dear lover 
of his country, and spoke with prophetic warning of our dangers as a nation - of our ingratitude 
abuse of the blessings which we of this generation enjoy, without appreciating the sacrifices 
they cost our fathers.  But his great theme w
Southern Press        Rev. Talmage

1820 Jasper County, Ga
Davidson John Jasper 274   111001 01101 

1830 Jasper County, Ga
Davidson Jno Jasper 394 0000100000100 0000001000000

8.  Mary Margaret "Polly" DAVIDSON
Anna Gayle DAVIDSON McClure

10.  Robert DAVIDSON
1830 Jasper County, Georgia
Davidson Robt Jasper p382 1000010000000 1200100000000

1840 Jasper County, Georgia
Davidson Robert Jasper 078 Davidsons 290 District 

1850 Jasper County, Georgia p103/Dw325/46th District
Davidson, Elizabeth (nee Mitchell) 46 f w $500 Virginia
Davidson, Lafayette (Augustus Lafayette)18 m w Farmer Georgia (1860 Newton Co)
Davidson, Jane 17 f w Georgia
Davidson, Ann 13 f w Georgia
Davidson, Frances 10 f w Georgia
Davidson, Caroline 5 f w Georgia
Davidson, Robert 3 m w Georgia
(1850 Jasper Co Ga) (1860 Jasper Co Ga) (1870 Jasper Co Ga)

Hosey Family of Alabama   William 

WorldConnect: Pat M. Stevens IV 

by Meredith Clapper  
Looking for info on Richard Mitchell b. Amelia Co., VA, m. 1st
Nancy Johns, had Dr. William Mitchell (1786-1825 Jasper Co.), &
Walter Mitchell (1784-1864). Married 2nd Elizabeth Morgan & had 
Robert M. b. 1791 (married Elizabeth Garrett 1814 Oglethorpe
Richard, Jr. b. 1792(married Mary Edwards 1813 Jasper Co.), 
Joshua Snead b. 1793 (married Mary Ann Hazelwood Alexander c.
1818 where?), 
Joel b. 1796 (married Jane Carithers 1820 Jasper Co.), 
Mary (Polly) b. 1800 (married Aris Newton 1818 Jasper Co.); 
Elizabeth b. 1804 (married Robert Davidson 1821 Jasper Co.);
Sarah J. b. 1808 (married Henry Hayes c. 1828 Jasper Co.?)

11.  Mary DAVIDSON
1850 Jasper County, Georgia p104b/Dw333/46th District
Smith, Zachariah 22 m w Farmer $800 Georgia
Luimsend, Jese M. 23 m w Farmer $125 Georgia
Luimsend, Mary 21 f w Georgia
Luimsend, Zachariah 8/12 m w Georgia

1850 Jasper County, Georgia p104b/Dw334/46th District
Smith, Samuel 57 m w Farmer $350 South Carolina
Smith, Mary 51 f w Georgia
Smith, Sarah 22 f w Georgia

1850 Jasper County, Georgia p104b/Dw333/46th District
Smith, William 32 m w Farmer $700 Georgia
Smith, Effy 24 f w Georgia

12.  Margaret DAVIDSON
Francis PATTERSON md Amelia HEARD ca 1789. He died Oct 1805,
probably Greene Co., GA. Children: John F. Patterson b ca 1790;
Thomas Patterson b ca 1792; Sarah Y. Patterson b ca 1794; Mary
(Polly) Patterson b ca 1796; Jesse F.H.
Patterson b ca 1796 Wilkes Co., GA; Drury Patterson b 1 Aug 1798
Wilkes Co., GA; Francis Patterson b 5 Apr 1804 Wilkes Co., GA. 
Wynelle Chaney Holden 

1850 Butts County, Georgia p345a/District 8
Patterson, D. S. (Drury S. Patterson) 51 m w Farmer $550 Georgia
Patterson, Margaret (Margaret Davidson) 49 f w Georgia
Patterson, ? 18 m w Georgia
Patterson, James Y. 15 m w Georgia
Patterson, Mary P. 11 f w Georgia
Patterson, William M. 7 m w Georgia

14.  Jane DAVIDSON
1850 Jasper County, Georgia p88a/Dw11/46th District
Chafin, Moses (Moses Chaffin) 48 m w Farmer $2,000 Georgia
  (m/1 3 Dec 1820 Jasper Co Ga, Jane Davidson d/o John Davidson)
Chafin, Margaret 32 f w Georgia (m/2)
Chafin, John 18 m w Georgia
  (s/o Moses Chaffiin & Jane Davidson, d/o John Davidson)
Chafin, Nathan 15 m w Georgia
  (s/o Moses Chaffiin & Jane Davidson, d/o John Davidson)
Chafin, Sarah 7 f w Georgia
Chafin, William 5 m w Georgia

14.  David DAVIDSON
1840 Troup County, Georgia p337/804th District
Davidson David 
2100110000000 0000100000000

1850 Troup County, Georgia p079b/Dw294/804th District
Davidson, David 41 m w Farmer 1500 Georgia
Davidson, Susan C. 37 f w Georgia  (m. 11 Dec 1834)
Davidson, William R. 15 m w Georgia
Davidson, John 13 m w Georgia
Davidson, Timmey 6 f w Georgia
Davidson, Lucinda M. 3 f w Georgia
Davidson, Mary E. 1 f w Georgia 

1860 Troup County, Georgia p211/Dw263/Long Cane Dist/Long Cane P.O.
Davidson, David 52 m w Farmer $2,860/$15,000 Georgia
Davidson, S. C. (Susan C.) 44 f w Georgia
Davidson, J. T. (John) 22 m w Georgia
Davidson, T. E. 16 (f w Georgia
Davidson, Margaret (Lucinda M.)13 f w Georgia
Davidson, M. E. (Mary E.) 9 f w Georgia
Davidson, W. C. (Watson C.) 8 m w Georgia
Davidson, S. F. (Susan Frances) 6 f w Georgia
Davidson, D. T. (Adolphus T. 4 m w Georgia

1870 Troup County, Georgia p321/Dw12/Long Cane P.O.
Davidson, David 63 m w Farmer $1,500/$1,000 Georgia 
Davidson, Cary 53 f w Keeping House Georgia
Davidson, Maggie 24 f w Georgia
Davidson, Mary 22 f w Georgia
Davidson, Watson 19 m w Farm Hand Georgia
Davidson, Fannie 16 f w Georgia
Davidson, Dolphus 14 m w Georgia

Davidson McClure AnnaG1938 
DAVID DAVIDSON (1808-1884) and Susan Caroline (called Carrie, but
last name unknown) moved to Troup
County and were the parents of 10 children. They were: William R,
John P, Augustus Lafayette, Thomas B,
Timney Elizabeth, Lucinda Margaret, Mary Ellin, Susan Frances,
Adolphus Talmadge, and Watson Cummings
 I have a copy of his death write-up. It was in the LaGrange,
Georgia newspaper. In his will, he left some property in Alabama
to several of his children - so I always thought there was a
connection.  Evidently, he went to Alabama in the early part of
his marriage. On of his sons, William, was my great grandfather. 
He stayed in Long Cane - married and raised his children there.
My grandfather, David Elmo Davidson, was born in the LaGrange

LaGrange (Georgia) Reporter on 8/21/1884 stated:

"Mr. David Davidson is in very feeble health. He is suffering
from a stomach and heart trouble. He is one of our best citizens. 
His father (John Davidson) was a revolutionary solider, received
several saber cuts on the head at the battle of Cow Pens and
lived long after the war to the advanced age of 96.  Four uncles
likewise fought the British"

Another newspaper article from the LaGrange (Georgia) Reporter on
Oct. 31, 1889:

"We regret to hear that Mrs. Carrie Davidson, widow of the late
David Davidson, and a venerable mother whose gentle face
indicated the mature Christian virtues that adorn her character,
is very ill at her home near Long Cane.  She is now seventy-six
years of age - has lived long and well - and if it be God's will
to call her home, she has treasure in heaven: but we would fain
hope that she may be spared to her children and the community a
little while longer.  Her disease, we are informed, is
typho-malarial fever.

I have other Georgia newspaper articles in the same time frame
about this family, in case you are searching in the
Georgia/Alabama area.  Long Cane, Georgia is in Troupe County
near the Alabama border. Anna Gayle

Will of David Davidson, State of Georgia. Troup County.
In the name of God amen, I David Davidson, of the State and
County aforesaid, being of sound and disposed mind and..?
make this my last will and Testment hereby..?..
all wills heretofore made by me. Item 1st: I desire and direct
that my body be buried in a Christian like manner suitable to my
circumstance in life. Item 2nd. I desire and direct that all my
just debts be paid without delay. Item 3rd. I have advanced to my
son William R. Davidson fifteen hundred ($1500) dollars in cash
and to my daughter Timney E. Beaty, three hundred and fifty
($350) dollars in cash, a house and lot in Blufton, Chambers
County, Alabama valued at ($550), five hundred and fifty dollars
and a set of furniture worth sixty ($60)dollars, making in all
nine hundred and sixty ($960) dollars, and to my son Watson C.
Davidson five hundred ($500) dollars in cash. Item 4th. I give
and devise to my beloved wife Susan C. Davidson during her
natural life all of my estate..?..and personal of whatever kind
and whereever located in which I may die possessed, for the
support of herself and my family, and I desire that my estate be
kept together for that purpose giving my said wife authority to
dispose of by sale or otherwise any of the personal property she
may see proper, and purchase other property of a suitable
character in the place that so disposed of, if she sees proper so
to do. Item 5th. I desire that my wife give off to my four
unmarried children to wit; Maggie, Mary, Fannie, and Adolphus
Davidson five hundred ($500)..?..each whenever in her discretion
she sees fit to do so provided such gift is not made by me during
my life time. Item 6th. At the death of my wife I desire and
direct that my etate be equally divided between my children, or
if any of them be dead then their representative taking their
share or shares, taking into consideration advances specified in
Item 3rd or any other advances made by me hereafter. Item 7th. I
hereby appoint my wife, Susan C. Davidson, executrix, and Watson
C. Davidson and Adolphus D. Davidson executors to carry out the
provisions of this my last will and testament. Item 8th. Until
the death of my wife, I relieve my executrix and executors from
making returns to the Court of Ordinary. Item 9th. It is my
desire that no interest be charged on advances made to my
children by me as specified in Item 3 - or that may be made by me
hereafter or those to be advanced in Item 7 and I hereby also
relieve my executrix and executors from any charge of interest on
any funds that may come into their hands, it being my intention
as specified in item 4th that it all shall be kept and used for
the support of my wife and family. In testimony where of I have
hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 23rd day of
November 1880 (signed David Davidson).
Signed sealed, declared and published by David Davidson to be his
last will and testament in the presence of us as witnesses who
have subscribed our names as witnesses in the presence of said
Testator, at his request, and in the presence of each other, this
23rd day of November 1880. (Signed: James E. Hudson, Henry M.
Brady, Hambleton H. Greene)
Filed in Office November 1st, 1884 (singed by Wm..?..Yancy)

68.  William R. DAVIDSON
1860 Chambers County Alabama 302/300 Northern Div 
Davidson William R. 25 m Depot Clerk   Georgia 
Davidson Mary M. 20 f     Georgia 
Davidson Martha C. 2 f     Georgia 
Davidson John S. 4/12 m     Georgia

William R. Davidson 1835 - 1891
m spouse unknown (have been looking for a Hammond).  
Mrs. W. R. Davidson died 12/18/1889; service was at the
Presbyterian Church in West Point, GA.

97.  Major Robert Emmett DAVIDSON
From: Anna Gayle DAVIDSON McClure  [email protected]
served in Spanish-American War. Army records state he either died
or was taken prisoner between 1898 - 1901.

Robert Emmett Davidson was born in Georgia, but fought for the
Florida infantry. However, I am most intrigued by the last
paragraph on this page.....taken from the Historical 
Register of the U. S. Army. I have no idea what it means.  Was he
killed or injured during the war?  Was he taken prisoner? 

Robert Emmett Davidson was the son of William Davidson of Troup
County and West Point, GA -- grandson of David Davidson of Long
Cane, Georgia (Troup County) -- ggrandson of John Davidson of
South Carolina and Jasper County, GA -- gggrandson of John
Davidson, Sr. of PA and SC. I have not been able to substantiate
the name of the wives of these men.......except for the given
name of David's wife.  It was Susan Caroline (called Carrie.)  

To begin, he is listed in the book "Ocali Country" by Eloise Ott
and Louis Chazal on page 156.  The book stated:  "February 14,
1898, the Battleship Maine was sunk in Havana Harbor, and the
United States by April was at war with Spain and troop trains
moved through Ocala.  Company "A" Second Florida Infantry, known
more familiarly as the Ocala Rifles," commanded by Captain R. E.
Davidson, was given a tearful send-off by relatives and friends
when the military unit left for Tampa."  He would have been 44
years old in 1898.

Mrs. Sybil Bray of Ocala, Florida (historian and author of "Salty
Crackers") sent me a copy of an April 1898 Ocala Banner
newspaper. It told about Captain R. E. Davidson, converting the
Arlington Hotel in to a mess hall and 
recruiting office for the Ocala Rifles.  It named the men in his
company and told of the days before they left for Tampa and the
Spanish - American War.

Mrs. Bray also sent copies of the list of the "Soldiers of
Florida in the Seminole Indian - Civil - Spanish - American
Wars".  This was prepared and published under the supervision of
the Board of State Institution, as authorized by Chapter 2203
Laws of Florida, approved May 14, 1903.  Page 344 
states that Captain Robert E. Davidson was mustered in Company A
- 1st Florida Infantry on April 25, 1898 and mustered out on
December 3, 1898.  He was promoted to Major: June 30, 1898.

Robert E. Davidson is listed as a major for the 1 Florida
infantry in the Historical Register and Dictionary of the U.S.
Army, 1789 - 1903, Volume 2, page 204. This is an alphabetical
list of officers of the regular army who were killed or wounded
in action or taken prisoner.  I found this information on-line in

Contact - Anna Gayle (Davidson) McClure
Saturday, April 29, 2000

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