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Alexander Davidson & Henrietta Clayton   Alexander Davidson & Sarah Ellis

Benjamin Wilson Davidson & Elizabeth Latta

Elijah Barton Davidson & Margaret Murphy   Ellis Davidson & Margaretta Wright

George Davidson & Catherine Penelope Reese   George Davidson & Barzilla Atkins

Henry Davidson & Ellen Stuart   James Davidson and Mary Bean   Jeremiah Davidson & Laura Edwards

John Davison, Guilford Co NC  

John Davidson & Ruth Clements   John Davidson & Violet Winslow Wilson

John P. Davidson & Mahala Wood   John Davidson of N.C.   John Davidson & Margaret Wilson

John Davidson and Tabitha ( ? )   John Davidson and Tabitha ( ? )   

Joseph Davidson & Sarah   Joseph Davidson, Sarah Nesbit & Emma S. Hart

Joseph Davidson & Sarah Peavy   Joseph Davidson & Winnie Mae ( ? )

Josiah D. Davidson and Polly

Obediah Davidson & Eleanor Carpenter   Robert Davidson & Isabelle Ramsey

Sidney Green Davidson & Delphia Atkins   William L. Davidson & Camelia

 William Davidson & Margaret McConnell  William Lee Davidson & Mary Brevard

John Alexander & Rachel Davidson  Alexander Brevard & Rebecca Davidson   Maj. John Graham & Isabella Davidson

William McLean & Mary "Polly" Davidson   John W. Murray & Nancy Mary Davidson   

Josiah Davidson of Tennessee  John Davidson and Hannah Hughson

Descendents of George DAVIDSON Col

Bute County, North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1767-1779 14 February 1776 Our Sovereign Lord the King against William Davison & William Saunders, they being brought before the Court for passing a Counterfiet Dollar on being heard and the Evidences against them produced & heard also, the Court are of Opinion that they & each of them remain in the Sheriffs Custody until they and Each of them Enter into recognizance, for their appearance and next Court; Upon which the said William Davison & William Saunders, with Robert Caller Jun'r & David Tanner their Securities Entered into recognizance Payable to our said Sovereign Lord the King & his Successors, the said William Davison & William Saunders Each in the sum of twenty pounds proc. and the said Robert Caller Jun'r and David Tanner Each in the sum of Ten pounds proc. to be levied on their several & respective goods and Chattles lands and Tenements to be Void on Condition they and Each of them the said Davison and Saunders appear at next Court, and not to depart from thence without leave thereof. Bute County, North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1767-1779 15 February 1776 George Williams came into Court and Entered into a recognizance in the sum of twenty pounds proc money payable to our Sovereign Lord the King his heirs & Successors To be void upon Condition the said George Williams appear at the next Court to be held for this County, and there prosecute William Davison & William Saunders for passing Counterfiet money. Source: Ancestry.com

North Carolina Census Years

North Carolina---November 21, 1789

1784, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1798

Rutherford Co., North Carolina was created in 1779 from the larger
Burke & the old Tryon County. It consisted of all the area west of 
the old Mecklenburge Co. and "west" to the present state boundary. 
In 1778, Lincoln was created from the old Tryon Co.
In 1779, part of Rutherford was created from Rowan & Tryon was discon't.
In 1791, part of Buncumbe was created from, Burke & Rutherford
In 1841, Cleveland was created from part of Lincoln & Rutherford
In 1842, McDowell was created from part of Burke & Rutherford.
In 1855, Polk was created from part of Henderson & Rutherford.

Alamance 1849 Orange.
Albemarle* 1664 Original County. Dissolved 1739.
Alexander 1847 Iredell, Caldwell, Wilkes.
Alleghany 1859 Ashe.
Anson  1750 Bladen.
Archdale* 1705 Bath. Name changed to Craven 1712.
Ashe  1799 Wilkes.
Avery  1911 Caldwell, Mitchell, Watauga.
Bath*  1696 Original County. Disolved 1739.
Beaufort 1712 Name changed from Pamptecough.
Berkeley* 1670 Albemarle. Name changed to Perquimans 1681.
Bertie  1722 Chowan.
Bladen  1734 New Hanover.
Brunswick 1764 New Hanover, Bladen.
Buncombe 1791 Burke, Rutherford.
Burke  1777 Rowan.
Bute*  1764 Granville. Divided into Warren, Franklin 1779.
Cabarrus 1792 Mecklenburg.
Caldwell 1841 Burke, Wilkes.
Camden  1777 Pasquotank.
Carteret 1722 Craven.
Caswell  1777 Orange.
Catawba  1842 Lincoln.
Chatham  1770 Orange.
Cherokee 1839 Macon.
Chowan  1685 Name changed from Shaftesbury.
Clarendon* 1664 Original County, Discontinued 1667.
Clay  1861 Cherokee.
Cleveland 1841 Rutherford, Lincoln.
Columbus 1808 Bladen, Brunswick.
Craven  1712 Name changed from Archdale.
Cumberland 1754 Bladen.
Currituck 1670 Albemarle.
Dare  1870 Currituck, Tyrrell, Hyde.
Davidson* (TN) 1783 Washington (TN). Ceded to U.S. in 1790.
Davidson 1822 Rowan.
Davie  1836 Rowan.
Dobbs*  1758 Johnston. Divided into Glasgow, Lenoir 1791.
Duplin  1750 New Hanover.
Durham  1881 Orange, Wake.
Edgecombe 1741 Bertie.
Forsyth  1849 Stokes.
Franklin 1779 Bute.
Gaston  1846 Lincoln.
Gates  1778 Chowan, Hertford, Perquimans.
Glasgow* 1791 Dobbs. Name changed to Greene 1799.
Graham  1872 Cherokee.
Granville 1746 Edgecombe.
Greene* (TN) 1783 Washington (TN). Ceded to U.S. in 1790.
Greene  1799 Name changed from Glasgow 1799.
Guilford 1770 Rowan, Orange.
Halifax  1758 Edgecombe.
Harnett  1855 Cumberland.
Hawkins* (TN) 1787 Sullivan (TN). Ceded to U.S. in 1790.
Haywood  1808 Buncombe.
Henderson 1838 Buncombe.
Hertford 1759 Bertie, Chowan, Northampton.
Hoke  1911 Cumberland, Robeson.
Hyde  1712 Name changed from Wickham.
Iredell  1788 Rowan.
Jackson  1851 Haywood, Macon.
Johnston 1746 Craven.
Jones  1778 Craven.
Lee  1907 Chatham, Moore.
Lenoir  1791 Dobbs.
Lincoln  1779 Tryon.
Macon  1828 Haywood.
Madison  1851 Buncombe, Yancey.
Martin  1774 Halifax, Tyrrell.
McDowell 1842 Burke, Rutherford.
Mecklenburg 1762 Anson.
Mitchell 1861 Watauga, Yancey.
Montgomery 1778 Anson.
Moore  1784 Cumberland.
Nash  1777 Edgecombe.
New Hanover 1729 Craven.
Northampton 1741 Bertie.
Onslow  1734 New Hanover.
Orange  1752 Bladen, Granville, Johnston.
Pamlico  1872 Beaufort, Craven.
Pamptecough* 1705 Bath. Name changed to Beaufort 1712.
Pasquotank 1670 Albemarle.
Pender  1875 New Hanover.
Perquimans 1681 Name changed from Berkeley.
Person  1791 Caswell.
Pitt  1760 Beaufort.
Polk*  1847 Henderson, Rutherford. Abolished 1848.
Polk  1855 Henderson, Rutherford.
Randolph 1778 Guilford.
Richmond 1779 Anson.
Robeson  1786 Bladen.
Rockingham 1785 Guilford.
Rowan  1753 Anson.
Rutherford 1779 Tryon.
Sampson  1784 Duplin.
Scotland 1899 Richmond.
Shaftesbury* 1670 Albemarle. Name changed to Chowan 1685.
Stanley  1841 Montgomery.
Stokes  1789 Surry.
Sullivan* (TN) 1779 Washington (TN). Ceded to U.S. in 1790.
Sumner* (TN) 1787 Davidson (TN). Ceded to U.S. in 1790.
Surry  1770 Rowan.
Swain  1871 Jackson, Macon.
Tennessee* (TN) 1788 Davidson (TN). Ceded to U.S. in 1790.
Transylvania 1861 Henderson, Jackson.
Tryon*  1768 Mecklenburg. Divided into Lincoln, Rutherford 1779.
Tyrrell  1729 Bertie, Chowan, Currituck, Pasquotank.
Union  1842 Anson, Mecklenburg.
Vance  1881 Franklin, Granville, Warren.
Wake  1770 Cumberland, Johnston, Orange.
Walton* (GA) 1803 Formed by GA inside NC. Abolished 1812.
Warren  1779 Bute.
Washington*(TN) 1776 Western lands. Ceded to U.S. in 1790.
Washington 1799 Tyrrell.
Watauga  1849 Ashe, Caldwell, Wilkes, Yancey.
Wayne  1779 Dobbs.
Wickham* 1705 Bath. Name changed to Hyde 1712.
Wilkes  1777 Surry, Washington (TN).
Wilson  1855 Edgecombe, Johnston, Nash, Wayne.
Yadkin  1850 Surry.
Yancey  1833 Buncombe, Burke.
1. All counties marked with an asterisk * are no longer extant
or no longer within the bounds of North Carolina. North Carolina
currently has 100 extant counties.
2. All counties formed from Bath and Albemarle were actually
"Precincts" of those two counties until 1739 when they all became
designated as "counties", and thus dissolved Albemarle and Bath Counties.
3.The 7 Counties marked (TN) are in what is now the State of
Tennessee, but at that time was part of North Carolina. This territory
was ceded to the U.S. Government in 1790. From 1790 through 1796 this
land was known as the "Territory South of the Ohio River". In 1796 it
became the State of Tennessee.
4. Walton County, Georgia was formed erroneously by the State of Georgia
inside North Carolina's boundaries in 1803. This caused quite a bit of
confusion at the time. The county boundaries are impossible to figure
out, but was in the area of modern Jackson and Transylvania Counties.
In those days (1803-1812) the area was also claimed by Buncombe and
Haywood Counties.
5. Any and all comments are welcome. Please report any errors or
ommissions to:
 Marty Grant, Rt 10, Box 137-A, Kinston, NC 28501,

Geographic Names Information System
Davidson place names in North Carolina
Feature Name        St County         Type   Latitude Longitude 7.5' x 7.5' Map
------------------- -- -------------- ------ -------- --------- ---------------
Davidson            NC Mecklenburg    pop pl 352957N  0805056W  Cornelius          
Davidson Branch     NC Haywood        stream 353812N  0830714W  Cove Creek Gap     
Davidson Church     NC Iredell        church 354933N  0805229W  Statesville Eas    
Davidson College    NC Mecklenburg    school 353000N  0805043W  Cornelius          
Davidson County     NC Davidson       civil  354900N  0801400W  Lexington East     
Davidson County     NC Davidson       buildi 354842N  0801542W  Lexington West     
Davidson County     NC Davidson       school 354833N  0802234W  Churchland         
 Extended Day 
Davidson Cove       NC Buncombe       valley 353640N  0822520W  Oteen              
Davidson Creek      NC Mecklenburg    stream 353029N  0805406W  Lake Norman Nor    
Davidson            NC Mecklenburg    school 352945N  0805057W  Cornelius          
 Elementary School
Davidson Gap        NC Haywood        gap    353905N  0830637W  Cove Creek Gap     
Davidson Gap        NC Madison        gap    354133N  0825000W  Sandymush          
Davidson Memorial   NC Cleveland      church 351655N  0813323W  Shelby             
Davidson Plaza      NC Davidson       locale 354910N  0801424W  Lexington East     
 Shopping Center
Davidson River      NC Transylvania   pop pl 351512N  0824103W  Pisgah Forest      
Davidson River      NC Transylvania   stream 351509N  0824138W  Pisgah Forest      
Davidson River      NC Transylvania   cemete 351553N  0824125W  Pisgah Forest      
Davidson River      NC Transylvania   park   351713N  0824404W  Pisgah Forest      
 Recreational Area
Davidson, Township  NC Iredell        civil  353350N  0805323W  Lake Norman Nor    
Feature Name: Davison Building

Feature Type: building
Elevation: 350

Description: Part of Duke Univ, west campus 

State:  North Carolina
County:  Durham

Variant Name(s)
Duke University School of Medicine
USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map:  Northwest Durham
Latitude:  360010N
Longitude:  0785614W

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