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History of the Harlan Family

"Arkansas' Spanish American War Soldiers":   Davidson, Benjamin F.

Genealogical Sketches of Greene County, Arkansas

Van Davidson was born in Tennessee in 1865. His wife, Artie, was born in
the same state in 1871. In 1900 the family was living in Benton County,
Tennessee and their children were: Vera, 1896; VaIlie, 1897; and Martha,
1899. Maggie Wright, Van's sister-in-law, was also a member of the
household.  Maggie was born in Tennessee in 1884.  By 1910 the family had
moved to Crowley Township in Greene County. Three children had been
added to the household: Joseph J., 1902; Una P., 1904; and Vergie M.,
1906.  These three children were born in Arkansas.

Index - POPE CO. HISTORY VOL II - A thru G 1829 to 1983

Davidson, Anna Lou-272
Davidson, Barbara Jean-500
Davidson, Billie Jean-271
Davidson, Billy Joe-271
Davidson, Clyde-271
Davidson, Dorothy-380
Davidson, Elizabeth-344
Davidson, Flint Jeff-240,272
Davidson, George-346
Davidson, Harriett-107,240
Davidson, Hattie-272
Davidson, Helen-542
Davidson, Jerry-344
Davidson, Joe-271
Davidson, John Henry-542
Davidson, Joseph-66
Davidson, Judy-271
Davidson, Lenora Alice-346
Davidson, Lillie-271
Davidson, Martha-250
Davidson, Melba-272
Davidson, Mollie-272
Davidson, Nancy Curry-346
Davidson, Obe-69,542
Davidson, Pearly-298
Davidson, Paul-278,458
Davidson, Samuel-344
Davidson, Thomas-66,240,271,272
Davidson, Tomy-107,271
Davidson, William-344   
Davison, Daniel-300
Davison, Jerry-406

Geographic Names Information System

Davidson place names in Arkansas

Feature Name        St County         Type   Latitude Longitude 7.5' x 7.5' Map
------------------- -- -------------- ------ -------- --------- ---------------
Davidson            AR Crawford       pop pl 354200N  0942836W  Natural Dam        
Davidson            AR Nevada         pop pl 332725N  0931420W  Magnolia NW        
Davidson Camp       AR Clark          locale 340456N  0931651W  Okolona North      
Davidson Cemetery   AR Boone          cemete 361407N  0925538W  Everton            
Davidson Church     AR Nevada         church 332724N  0931418W  Magnolia NW        
Davidson Hill       AR Izard          summit 360810N  0914151W  Myron              
Davidson Hollow     AR Independence   valley 354643N  0913028W  Sulphur Rock       
Davidson, Township  AR Randolph       civil  362430N  0911045W  Dalton             
Davidson, Township  AR Sharp          civil  361130N  0913010W  Ash Flat           
Davidsonville       AR Randolph       pop pl 360915N  0910320W  Noland