Registers of the United Anglican Mission of Williamsburgh, Matilda, Osnabruck, and Edwardsburgh 1790-1886
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Registers of the United Anglican Mission of
Williamsburgh, Matilda, Osnabruck, and Edwardsburgh 1790-1886
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Book C
Parish Of Williamsburgh, Register of J.G. Weagant, Pastor

Baptisms, 1822-1832, p. 1-64, entries by Rev. J. G. Weagant, Episcopal

Eliza Ann, b. 4 Feb 1817, bpt. 29 Jul 1821, parents Hertle mater, pater uncertain, witnesses Peter Loucks and his wife, C.3

Amelia Isabella Wallis, b. 1828, bpt. 2 Jul 1828, parents William Smith (saddler and harness maker) and Margareth Glasgow his wife, witnesses Mary Wallis (widow), Amelina Tessendon, and the parents, baptized at Montreal, C.41

Sarah Ann, b. 19 Jul 1828, bpt. 21 Aug 1828, parents Jacob Fader (yeoman) and Margareth Knaaff his wife, witnesses Moses Keck, Cadina Weagant and Elizab. Knaaf, C.43

Nelson, b. 11 Nov 1828, bpt. 14 Dec 1828, parents Christopher Merckle and Sarah Davis his wife, witnesses Samuel Crysler, Ann Weagant, and Maria Dorn, C.44

Richard Jacob, b. 22 Oct 1828, bpt. 7 Nov 1828, parents Peter Loucks (yeoman) and Mary Doty his wife, of Williamsburgh, witnesses Richard D...., Jacob Loucks and Nancy Loucks, C.44

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These abstracts from the above registers are for the families of Staley, Walliser, Vetter/Fader and some associated families found in Dundas Co., Ontario, Canada. More information on all associated families, and others not mentioned in this transcription, can be found in the registers. This transcription includes 296 entries which represents about 5.6% of all entries in the registers (NAC, MG 9, D7-23, Film M-1496). The spelling of names is exactly as found in the registers. I welcome any feedback to correct any errors or omissions, and encourage other researchers to validate and supplement any information from the originals.

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