Gable Family of the South: Valentine Gable Partition


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    Legal Notice, The Lexington Flag (v. 1, no. 5), Thursday, 12 March 1857

    [Note: Saxe-Gotha, A Genealogical History of Lexington County states that Valentine Gable died circa 1834 owning a tract of 150 acres on Bear Creek waters of the Saluda River, bounded at the time by lands of Michael Drafts, George P. Drafts, Emanuel Corley, Frederick Gable, West Corley, and others. On 12 June 1857 (n. b.: Perhaps upon the death of Valentine's widow, Martha?) West Caughman, Michael Drafts, Daniel Kleckley, Nathaniel Kleckley, and Wesly Corley were named commissioners to partition the estate. John Monts purchased the land at the sale held the first Monday in October 1857.]

    In Equity -- Lexington

    John Gable and Fred Gable
    Jacob Gable, and others
    Bill for Partition

    It appearing to my satisfaction that Jacob Gable, Christian Gable, David Gable, Joseph Gable, Sr., John P. Thompson, Rudolph Gable, Charles Gable, George Gable, Joseph Gable, Jr., Eliza Gable, and Louisa Gable, eleven of the defendants in the above stated case, resided without limits of this State. It is, on motion of Messrs. Bauskett and Caughman, Comp. Sirs., ordered,
    that said defendants do plead, answer, or demur to the Bill in this case, or judgement pro confesso will be entered as to them.
    Henry Meetze, C. E. L. D.
    Commissioner's Office
    Lexington C. H., March 8, 1857

    3 mo.

    [Louise Seymour, Abstracter, "Some Information on Marriages and Deaths, Requests for Estate Partitions Abstracted from Old Lexington Newspapers in the Newspaper Archives at Perkins Library, Duke University, Durham, "Lexington Genealogical Exchange, v. 4, bk. 3 (Winter 1984), p. 102]

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