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    Records of His Majesty's Council for the Colony of South Carolina: Petition of John Gable, 20 December 1748 (Journals, pp. 106-7):

    The Petition of John Gable being presented to the Board the same was ordered to be read which being accordingly done setting forth that the Petitioner came in Captain Brown ['s ship] and had served his time to Captain Brotherick at Port Royal that he has a Wife and two Children which he has brought with him into this country and that he had one child born since and never had any Land granted to him Therefore humbly prayed his Excellency and their Honors order to the Surveyor General to run out to him Two hundred and fifty acres of Land in Saxe Gotha Township free of charge and to grant him their Provision Bounty for himself Wife and Two Children and he has as in duty bound would ever pray [illeg.] The Petitioner appearing and being duly sworn and Examined to the truth of what is set forth in his said Petition and that his Indenture was burnt by accident and his Excellency the Gover.r at the same time acquainting the Board that he had received a Letter from the Petitioner's Master for the same purpose and certifying that the Petitioner served out his time and was discharged the prayer of the said Petition was granted and it was accordingly

    Ordered.- That the Deputy Secretary prepare a Warrant to the Surveyor General for admeasuring and laying out to the said Pet.or the Land prayed for and that the Commissary General do pay the charge thereof and do likewise give the Petitioner for himself Wife and two Children the Bounty allowed by this Government to Foreign Protestants becoming settlers in the Townships.

    [Transcribed and submitted by Carl I. Gable, Jr., [email protected]]

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