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    Marriage: Nettie A. Gable and E. W. Shull
    "The Lexington Dispatch," Lexington, SC, 1 February 1899

    Happy Event.

    To the Editor of the Dispatch:

    Married, Wednesday, January 25, 1899, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mary M. Gable, by Rev. J. A. Cromer, Mr. E. W. Shull to Miss Nettie A. Gable.

    This was a quiet but beautiful home wedding, in which manliness and beauty were united by the golden bands of love and happiness. At the appointed hour, the parlor began to fill with the immediate relatives of the bride and groom who had been invited to witness the pleasing ceremony.

    The wedding march was beautifully rendered by Maj. J. H. Koon. He is a skilled musician and the march was grand. By this time the attendants took their places by couples as follows: Sheriff T. H. Caughman with Miss Lizzie Shull, Mr. W. A. Shull with Miss Ella Gregory, Mr. J. P. Sharp with Miss Alice Fulmer, and Mr. W. H. Caughman with Miss Mary Shull.

    The bridal couple then took their position, and were made man and wife. The fair bride was handsomely arrayed in a lovely dress of white organdie heavily trimmed in satin ribbon and lace, and beautiful at all times, but surpassingly so on this occasion. The bridesmaids were dressed similar to the bride. After several weeks illness, the groom was looking as handsome as ever, and he and the groomsmen were neatly attired suitable for the occasion. A more beautiful bevy of maidens and handsome set of groomsmen could never be found. After the many congratulations, which were extended to the happy couple by all that were present, all went forth to partake of the marriage feast. The table was beautiful, the dinner elegant and grand. The bridal gifts were numerous, handsome and costly. I must make special mention of two of the presents, a lovely gold watch and chain, and a beautiful horse.

    Miss Nettie Gable is one of Lexington's most beautiful and accomplished young ladies and Mr. Shull is one of New Brookland's leading merchants, and a popular, prosperous and genial gentleman. He has handsomely fitted up a beautiful home in the heart of the business town of New Brookland, for the future residence of himself and his lovely bride. May happiness and prosperity attend them in all their undertakings, and their journey down the stream of life be filled with pleasantness and peace, is the wish of the writer.

    C. L.

    [Submitted by Daniel S. Shull, Jr., [email protected] (grandson of E.W. Shull and Nettie Gable)]

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